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9 Tips to Supercharge Your Flickr Photostream

I have been on Flickr since 2004 - not the longest of anyone, but long enough to be “Old Skool”. In that time I have been able to improve my photostream by leaps and bounds. I am actually embarrassed by my early years, but now I am better. I have over 10,000 photos online and most of them are crap. But the newest ones are markedly better than my early years.

Sure, there are people out there whose stream blow mine out of the water, but through a long process of experimentation I have been able to improve the quality and usefulness of my photostream by roughly applying a few simple rules.

Here are 9 tips for supercharging your Flickr photostream(after the jump):
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Now I Am Actually Feeling Lucky

Not long ago I noticed the Flickr group “Are you feeling Lucky?”, which is described thusly:

I bought a bunch of expired Lucky Brand Film from a warehouse in China via eBay. If you shoot film and would like a roll, I’ll send you one.

150 film fans will receive a roll of expired (04/060) Lucky 35mm film (100 ASA, 36 shots, C41 processing) from me (I’ll pay for mailing it to you). You’ll have to shoot the roll and pay for your own processing, scanning, etc. And, you’ll have to share at least 1 photo from the roll in this group. There’s no right camera for this project. Fancy? cheap? it’s all good, baby.

So, I asked heather(the admin) for a roll and I got one. It will probably go into the fisheye.

I love projects like this.

My Flickr Photo Map

I like putting my photos on the map, so to speak. My Flickr map is here, and I have recently been adding a bunch of photos to it.

Depending on how familiar I am with the area that I am adding photos to, I can either get to a couple of feet from where the photo was taken, or just be happy with getting it in the general vicinity.

Foreign Language Tags on Flickr

Recently I was wondering how my friend Ali - who is Turkish - gets so much attention from other Turks on his Flickr stream. Was it just Turkdar?

It wasn’t. There seems to be a simpler explanation. When he tags his photos with Turkish words like “etoburbitkiler” or “hayvanlaralemi” other Turkish speakers are bound to find his pictures when they search for these things.

So what’s the point of this post? Well, if you want a more international set of spectators, try tagging your photos in a foreign language and see who comes along. I will start tagging my photos in Spanish to see what happens. It seems a good way to find people who speak your language.

Also, I might suggest that if you are searching for photos a of a foreign destination that you plan to visit, you might look to search the tags in the language native to that place to get a more local perspective.

Flickr Make Stuff Outta Me

Satiating my incessant desire for recognition of some sort on the Internet, Flickr uses one of my photos on their “Make Stuff” page. There, as an example of the amazing things you can make with Flickr is the stamp I made with Zazzle for our wedding last summer.

I know it’s a really small thing, but its cool and honestly I don’t have anything more interesting to write about.

Mini QOOPer

That’s cool. Looks like QOOP now offers the option to print mini photobooks. I love small books, maybe even better than big books.

Flickr Groups of Los Angeles Unite!

I just posted a list of Los Angeles related Flickr groups over on - probably not all of them, but a good number of them, and sort of selective at that. Check ‘em out and join, join, join!

Scout My Photos!

The latest offering from flagrantdisregard’s flickrtoy superstore is Scout. Which let’s you see which of your photos are featured on Flickr’s explore page.


Ridiculous Los Angeles

Normally I hate to propagate the negative stereotypes about Los Angeles(note that these are mostly West LA phenomena though): fake tits, bad clothes, self-absorption. But its true, and sometimes the truth hurts, as my newest Flickr contact(and Super Magic Ninja) Malingering so handily points out in this photoset: Ridiculous Los Angeles.

It’s like I can’t look away, and it hurts so bad to look at. But there you have it.

How I Made My 2006 Calendar

My 2006 CalendarWhen I saw that Qoop - Flickr’s photo printing partner - started offering calendars as part of its repertoire I thought to myself that since 2006 is fast approaching, that I would make a nice calendar for it using my pix.

It’s very easy to do. Maybe so easy that I should not even be writing this post. But, seriously folks.

My initial approach was to use a picture from each month of the previous year as the picture for the corresponding month in the impending year. To do this, I used my calendar view to select the pictures that I would use, going month by month.

When I found a photo that I wanted to use, I tagged it with “2006calendar“. Once I got all the pictures that I wanted(one for each month + one for the cover), I organized them into a 2006 calendar set. I put them into a set because Qoop demands that you make your products out of an existing set.

About three days later I got this handsome calendar in the mail. 20 bucks including shipping. Not bad. Not bad at all.