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Tragedy at Columbine - Today's news:

January 16

One good turn deserves another

January 14

No Columbine defendants dismissed

January 10

Woman says she didn't help pair in school attack

December 30

Columbine defendants list grows

December 29

Columbine library's opening delayed

December 8

Columbine prompted Clinton call

December 1

Papers seek Columbine autopsy reports

November 30

'I want the truth,' dad says

Litigious society affects homeowners policies

November 29

Columbine settlement aired

November 23

Chinese adoptees increasing in state

Healing hearts

No report of interview with Harrises

November 22

Report offers Columbine hindsight

Klebold paper foretold deadly rampage

Pizza jobs gave connections

Slain teacher's daughter buys reports

Teacher emerges as Columbine hero

Two sets of parents reacted differently

Cops put killers' pal to work on case

'Hit list' deleted by judge

November 21

Jeffco sheriff to release Columbine files today

November 16

Columbine tapes in court again

Harrises want suit dropped

November 1

Mausers bring home adopted baby from China

October 26

Columbine testimony to be heard

October 25

Law officer working for panel on Columbine

Columbine students dedicate donated van

October 24

Jeffco keeps Columbine tapes from panel

Lawyers ordered to clarify lawsuits over Columbine

October 12

Sheriff wants record 'set straight'

October 11

Access to Columbine autopsies urged

October 4

Owens assails Jeffco for withholding info

October 3

Witnesses tell of Columbine bullying

September 27

Columbine victims' families say sheriff is stonewalling

Public gets to talk to Columbine committee

September 24

Strickland's tenure centers on gun crime

September 20

Harris' therapy private, experts say

September 19

Harrises question therapist's care

September 14

Specter of Columbine haunts parents' minds

September 13

House OKs bill to create school safety hot lines

September 9

Judge orders Columbine files made public

Hochhalters file suit over '99 suicide

September 7

FBI lists 'school shooter' traits

Columbine memorial plan delayed

August 26

Columbine bully talk persists

August 25

Investigating Columbine

Jeffco coroner testifies

August 23

Columbine's principal will testify

August 20

Hopeful eyes turn upward

August 19

Lawyer's Columbine message investigated

Man sentenced in Columbine threat

August 17

Columbine nurtures normality

Five families' Columbine suits moved from state to federal court

August 11

Cleric cites Columbine in resignation

August 10

Medical staff praised over Columbine

Cassie Bernall's parents join suit over Columbine deaths

August 7

Tapes show Columbine confusion

Gunmen's fathers phoned sheriff

Tape excerpts

911 tapes capture shock, fear

August 6

Columbine families seek trial in lawsuit

July 29

Parents describe Columbine Memorial plans as generalities

July 25

Atrium mural heads for Columbine

July 20

FBI delayed entering school

July 19

Suits name Columbine officials

Columbine rebuilding shattered lives

July 1

2 gun laws will go into effect today

Insurance firm sues gunman's parents

Columbine families seek time

June 24

Duran gets prison term

Families: 'Money runner' shares blame

Woman who bought 3 weapons for gunmen likely won't go to jail

June 23

SWAT member won't testify

June 22

Stone says he can't talk to panel

June 16

Jeffco refuses to let deputies, sheriff testify

June 10

Clock ticks on Stone recall drive

June 8

Columbine panel will get to hear sheriff

County requests dismissal of suits filed over Columbine

Lawyer OK'd to handle Columbine cases

Columbine surveillance tapes released

June 7

Plan approved to indemnify deputies

June 5

Private schools boosting security

June 2

Anti-Stone leader calls for inquiry

May 31

Work begins on library at Columbine

Report reveals ballistics at Columbine

May 29

Requests for sheriff's report top 1,500; tapes also ordered

May 27

Judge frees Columbine ballistics data, tapes

May 26

'Care' cradled in palms of 'Columbine Hands'

May 24

Columbine police tapes to go public

May 20

'Colorado safer place' with new laws

Columbine victims meet blood donors

May 17

Columbine report sparks questions

Speaking class got little use

Gun show used for call to check weapons buyers

Columbine report sells like hot cakes

Uncertainty delayed care for teacher

May 16

Report sheds light on tragedy

New details in report

To order the report

Demonic plan was months in making

Science teacher died a hero

Deputy at school acted early

Reports of multiple gunmen, hostages slowed SWAT teams

Report won't alter course of lawsuits

911 calls reveal widespread fear

Belief in 3rd shooter persists

May 15

Post-Columbine mental help urged

May 14

Sheriff's final report traces killers' steps

Columbine timeline

May 12

Site selected for Columbine memorial

Columbine autopsies remain sealed

Judge limits release of 911 tape

May 10

Report: 6 shot in first minutes

Barnes' funeral focuses on hope

Trio sued for providing Columbine guns

Man admits threatening school, sheriff

May 9

Columbine gun middleman pleads guilty for his role

Gift from the heart boosts 17 students

May 6

Principal again tries to assist students after Barnes' suicide

Gunmen's parents can join lawsuit

May 5

'He was just a great kid'

Suicide experts ask parents to be watchful

Pavilion erected for fallen student

May 4

Columbine victim's dream fulfilled

Judge warns Columbine attorneys

May 3

Columbine library goal reached

ABC News says it has timeline for Columbine High shootings

Columbine videotape in big demand from myriad sources

May 2

Klebolds follow Harrises, file motion

April 30

Letter threatens Columbine dad

April 29

Teen to do time for online threat

Doubt raised on Columbine library plan

Jeffco removing music from Columbine tape

April 28

Death threat made over school video

Different tack on video bid suggested

April 27

Graphic Columbine tape released

Footage reopens families' wounds

Columbine image abused, Tancredo says

April 26

Columbine tape released to public

Judge in Columbine litigation used to scrutiny, controversy

April 25

Judge rules for Columbine families

Girl jumps to aid Columbine survivor

April 24

Emotional week for victims advocates

April 22

Cops: no problems at park memorials

Families upset by sheriff's comment

April 21

'We have made it through the first year'

Indignant Stone defends his officers

Vigil casts light on shadow of tragedy

Threats shut schools; tens of thousands in metro area skip classes

Tackling the day as a team

'I hope this didn't happen in vain'

Time skips a beat

13 crosses return to the park

Columbine lawsuits will be difficult to win, experts say

Parents call cops on son over note

Horizon High also mourns one of its own

Diary of a day of remembrance

Clinton's statement

TV reunites survivor with father of a victim

April 20

Quiet moment to speak volumes

Minister, counselor, doctor take comfort in helping people out of darkness

Gun-rights activists fail to stop ballot bid

Families file 8 more suits against Jeffco sheriff

Two Denver schools refuse to allow King's son to speak

Farewell performance for Columbine song

Families of 14 victims sue, adding to tally against sheriff

Columbine anniversary activities

Columbine piece to have premiere at CU concert

April 19

Poll shows attitudes largely unchanged

Shoels family sues Jeffco sheriff

Acts of love overwhelm families

School's attendance falls as anniversary nears

Artist's columbine watercolor makes lasting impression

Fate of Clement Park offerings undetermined

Shootings inspire record generosity

Columbine father promotes gun buyback plan

Sheriff's report on Columbine open to all families of victims

April 18

Grim new world

2 families to get sheriff's report

Columbine memorial gets input from area

Searching for safety

Shots heard round the world

Gun show loophole amendment defeated by Republican majority

Reader feedback

Officer says criticism of cops' actions hurts

State gun laws

April 17

Upbeat spirit fuels runners

A year's memories

Black church contributes to new Columbine library

The Series

April 16

Nobody knows what normal is

New life adds to her new outlook

Memories mix with pain, frustration

People 'haven't learned anything'

Smiling photo special gift for parents

Private grief and public campaign

'We went home without our son'

Pain persists, but teen talks of God

Sad days helped by relationships

Two continue a life planned for 3

Injured teacher made life changes

Physical, personal progress made

Anniversary events

Columbine events include ceremony at Clement Park

Remembering the wounded

Remembering the dead

April 15

Harris, Klebold families grieve privately

Harrises, Klebolds apologize

Governor to lead moment of silence

Klebold family letter

Slain students' families sue to open records

Columbine plates won't be funded

April 14

HOPE fund accepts donation

Gun show initiative could face delay

Gun maker 'clarifies' settlement with U.S.

Columbine seniors urge hope, healing

Parish urges students to take care

April 13

Bipartisan SAFE tackles gun-show loophole

President always draws a big crowd

Pro-gun activists protest visit

College students join national broadcast with Clinton, Brokaw at DU

Clinton at DU to pitch gun control

Peace activist escorted out of gun rally

Critics question role of students at rally

NRA ad criticizes Clinton

President says he's pushing gun safety, not control

GOP lawmaker blames Clinton for gun show 'loophole'

Columbine victim opposes gun control

Clinton crusades for gun control

Owens defends legislature on gun issue

Remarks by the President in MSNBC's town hall meeting on guns

Remarks by the President at SAFE rally

April 12

Top gun seller doesn't avoid his critics

Youth-crime fears spur harsh codes, study says

Faceoff over guns not to be

Clinton courts grass-roots support

Clinton to speak at 2 events but both are closed to public

April 11

Pulitzer winner made pearls from 'oysters' at News

For Post team, winning Pulitzer stirs pride, tears

Reader feedback

2 Columbine families request unedited report, information

Survivors give principal inspiration

Photo staff remember emotions

Denver dailies win Pulitzer Prizes

April 10

911 workers honored for effort during Columbine

News media tour Columbine

April 9

Victims' families gather

Clinton invited to memorial

Artist shows mural for Columbine atrium

April 8

Columbine costs climb to $9 million

Clinton rejects Columbine fund

Garden centers add fund-raising flowers

Adult-club owner offers to help library fund drive

Columbine costs

April 7

Tom Brokaw coming to Denver for broadcast

April 6

Columbine reflects on tragedy

Shootings blamed on curriculum

Columbine survivor speaks for gun control

New Columbine pins aid HOPE

Gun-control measure's wording for vote framed

April 5

Clinton lauds state's gun initiative

April 3

Columbine teen gets royal welcome

April 2

Columbine families dreading April 20

Counselors gear up for April 20 emotions

March 31

Columbine fund-raisers take appeal to national TV

Thousands by school sought help

Daughter to honor slain dad with music

March 30

Crosses -- just 13 -- coming back

March 29

Columbine library for Christmas?

Answers promised for Columbine victims' relatives

March 28

Columbine report to be edited

March 26

Columbine pupils to share poems

March 25

Kids pitch in during Columbine fund-raiser

Basketball star to host family from Columbine

March 24

Moment of silence for Columbine

March 22

Owens, Salazar reject Columbine fund

March 21

Sandwich shop reopens

March 19

Rachel's Journal seeks to heal Columbine wounds

March 17

Library plan would boost tax 42.8%

March 16

250 ideas sent in for Columbine memorial

March 13

Columbine families join in plea for bill

March 12

Reeve offers hope to school victims

March 10

Panel on youth violence skips talks on guns

Group closer to new Columbine library

March 7

Columbine wants quiet anniversary

March 5

Speed urged on Columbine report

March 4

Ruling on Columbine tapes

'Safe travel' gun bill gets initial nod

Judge rejects bid to move gun trial

Parents of girl mentioned on videotape cheer ruling, but still worry about leaks

March 3

$250,000 donation meets challenge

March 2

Two gun measures advance

February 29

Sub shop killings draw TV offers

February 28

Journey traces a triangle of grief

February 24

German girl held in school threat

February 23

Columbine copycat arrested

February 22

Tip line in slayings hot after sketches

February 21

Unique tournament honors slain youths

Indicted dealer sells ammo at gun show

Weekend brings no big breaks in slaying case

February 20

Laws regulating child labor not always enforced

Officials release drawings of suspect in Subway killings

Slain sweethearts remembered

February 19

Inquiry into shootings at critical point

February 18

Ties sought linking Subway holdups

February 17

150 interviewed in Subway killings

February 16

Police seek evidence in killing of 2 teens

Tougher labor laws sought

Slayings draw world's attention

February 15

2 Columbine sweethearts slain

Young couple were inseparable

Teen was working later than is legal

Students leave school

Murders reopen wounds of April 20

Boy says deaths reinforce teen fears

Profile in courage

Special tribute, special memories

Businesses, patrons ponder impact of violence

Working teens often on front line of crime

Tragedy at Columbine High School

February 14

Effort to recall Jefferson County sheriff receives some support

February 13

Rebel rally

February 12

Gun-show background checks dead in House

February 10

Light penalty likely in Net threat

February 9

Teen to plead guilty in threat on Columbine

February 7

Florida teen, prosecutors reach plea deal in online Columbine threat

February 6

Net e-lawlessness

Surfers worship heroes of hate

February 4

Accused Internet criminal linked to Fla. gun threat

February 3

Lawyers rap Net threat defense

Couple seeks to recall Jeffco sheriff

February 2

Strange bedmates back gun show bill

January 31

New library to get part of insurance

January 29

Robyn Anderson isn't victim, governor says

January 28

Seven gun bills get go-ahead

Columbine gun-buyer testifies

January 27

Gun dealers rejected Columbine killers

Robyn's statement

Sheriff seeks permission to release tapes

Columbine victim: Faith saved my life

January 25

Attorneys seek change of venue

January 24

Slain coach picked for national honor

January 22

Columbine library fund kicks off with $500,000

Acts of strangers comfort hurting families

January 21

Board approves library plan

Victim of shooting designs keepsakes to help raise funds

January 19

Jeffco board to consider plan for Columbine library

January 14

Judge halts release of killers' videotape

January 13

Columbine panel waits for orders

January 12

Lawyer: Teen can't get fair trial

January 9

Columbine teacher's death prompts suit

December 25

Nonprofit ends fund-raising tour at Columbine

December 23

Columbine threat suspect freed

December 21

Families: Keep school killers' tapes private

December 20

Bill to help police alert schools

December 19

Did schools ignore warnings?

Scholarship fund exceeds $550,000

December 18

Teen jailed in Columbine threat

Girl who received threat won't return to Columbine

Suspect in Columbine threat 'an average kid'

Online exchange

Klebolds want tapes under wraps

December 16

Chat room threat closes Columbine High School

FBI agent to study killers' videos

'Time' issue about videos is selling fast

December 15

Sheriff: 'The buck stops here'

'They've got their hell ... I've got mine'

Columbine students coping with article, principal says

Teen gets deferred judgment in threats

New gun-control efforts vowed

December 14

'It's the end of innocence, isn't it?'

Biggest question of all

Harris referred to notebook as 'Book of God'

Shoelses fear life in state, plan to move

Sheriff gets flak for decision to show Columbine videotapes

Media complain that sheriff played favorites

Owens: Laws didn't prevent Columbine

December 13

Chilling goodbye from killers

Amassing the facts

'This is just one more lie'

'I really am sorry ... but war's war'

Sheriff says writer broke agreement

December 12

Inside the Columbine investigation

Tragedy doesn't deter survivor

December 11

Parents question school's security

December 8

Survivors use skiing as therapy

December 7

Groups plan to raze library, raise Columbine memorial

Colorado indictments for gun crimes double

Legal system can't nab all gun crimes

December 5

'Matt was watching,' father says

Columbine rules 5A

Rebels go on defensive when it counts most

December 3

Columbine commission meets in private

November 23

Duran lawyer seeks delay of arraignment

November 19

Columbine heroes honored in rite

November 18

DeGette, 4 others seeking curbs on guns unveil 'Columbine clock'

November 17

Columbine price tag figured

November 13

Gun seller gets 6 years in prison

Victims' families satisfied with Manes' prison sentence

November 12

Excerpt of killers' video to be read

November 10

Spirit of Columbine permeates drama about heroic student

November 7

Parents feel snubbed by teen center

November 3

Lawyer's comments draw flak

November 2

Life, death of Columbine victim inspire one-act play

November 1

High school ROTC builds confidence with weapons

October 28

Friends, family mourn latest Columbine victim

October 27

Eric Harris' parents talk to police

Columbine shooting re-enacted

October 26

Mom had been hospitalized for depression

Major depressions common in women

October 25

Hochhalter funeral to be open to public

October 24

Columbine still fresh in many minds

October 23

Columbine mom kills herself

Stress coupled with despair can spur suicide, experts say

Lawyer says jailed teen a Columbine victim

October 22

Columbine attendance back to normal Thursday

Jeffco schools taking threats seriously

October 21

Authorities arrest Columbine student

Preparations begun for coping with the April 20 anniversary

Shoelses have nine agencies on list of potential lawsuits

Teen comes back loaded with ideas

October 20

Clinton urges teen-agers to safeguard nation's children

19 consider suits in shootings

October 17

Solutions slowly emerge six months after shootings

Safe haven for teen-agers

October 16

Klebold family plans to sue Jeffco

October 15

4 Columbine families file lawsuit notices

October 14

Police want Columbine video copier found and prosecuted

October 13

Police say Columbine tape came from them

October 12

Station airs video from Columbine

October 10

Velasquezes shed light on their little-known son

Columbine victim's family may sue school district

October 5

Relatives sue over Columbine tiles

October 3

Loophole protects Columbine 'witness'

September 30

Owens names Columbine review panel

September 29

Officials try to bar Columbine videotape

September 27

Angry parents cut down 2 trees

September 26

'Boy in window' faces long road

September 25

Road to recovery stops for a crown

September 24

Accounts differ on question to Bernall

Plan gone bad figured in Columbine rampage

Government expected to heal wounds

September 22

Students' families to split fund

Sears pulls toy villain in trench coat

Columbine flower is hot seller

Statewide school safety hot line says it's received 75 calls in past month

September 16

Woman faces court date for carrying posters of Ten Commandments at student prayer rally

September 15

Columbine inquiry nearly over

Boycott United Way, Shoelses say

September 14

Living Memorial

September 11

Sanders honored at first game on new field

September 10

Death, murder once ran through Cassie's mind

Columbine victim's 'yes' inspires revival among teen-agers

September 8

3 injured students return to Columbine

September 7

Columbine spurs odd donations

September 4

Columbine off-limits to church group

September 2

Jeffco shuns school violence inquiry

Grant covers half of Columbine costs

September 1

Task force surprised by fund request

August 22

Fatal Friendship

Making schools safe

Schools try to balance security, openness

Studies show school violence actually waning

Columbine stuffed bears expected soon

In Columbine's bloody wake, schools regroup

August 21

Columbine student finally goes home

August 20

Report gets tough on youth violence

August 19

Man bought bullets for Harris

Paint thief stirs up hard feelings by stealing from Columbine victim's house

EHS rocks rearranged to '420'

Hot line for schools ready to go

August 18

Gun supplier to plead guilty

Graffiti found at Columbine

Clement Park costs listed at $58,000

International records

August 17

Students return to hallways

Students aim for 'normal' first day back

Family of victim angry about rally

Shooting victim finds return 'weird'

Many linked to school want their privacy back

'Nothing but cheers, yells and tears'

August 16

Rally starts the year for staff, students

Prayers launch new school year

August 15

Rockin' back to school

Moving on

Sophomores discuss new start

Teen survivors celebrate the better days

August 14

Columbine-area groups reap funds

August 13

Group wants library kept closed

Columbine shooting survivor leaves hospital without fanfare

August 12

Columbine students heal through their art

Jeffco readies for lawsuits

August 11

Columbine killer Harris had 'enemies' list of classmates

Panel to study mass shooting at Columbine

Library oversight, dress code among task force ideas

Jeffco anti-harassment class gets mixed reviews

August 10

School braces for media storm

Jeffco board gives nod to badges

Home gets face lift for Columbine teen

Center deals with Columbine impact

Georgia teen shooter wrote of Trench Coat Mafia

'Columbine and Friends' free concert set Saturday

August 9

Investigator says teen-age suspect wrote about Trench Coat Mafia

Schools react to Littleton tragedy with flurry of plans

Educators say connecting with kids will prevent violence

Some schools miss the point of preparation, experts say

High-end security gives way to balance at many schools

August 8

Columbine safety plan an enigma

A heaping plate of goodwill

Columbine story takes shape at CNN's new student bureau

August 7

Columbine ups security

Columbine renovation completed

Girl threatens suit over being asked to leave Columbine

August 6

Recollections of victim bring laughter, tears

Columbine task force rejects uniforms, backs dress code

August 4

Harrises drop demand for immunity

Jeffco to enlist jocks in bid to stop bullying

August 2

No rush to home schools in wake of Columbine

Federal funds for Columbine coming soon

July 31

Columbine student leads request for Ten Commandments in schools

July 29

Reports: Klebold, Harris acted alone

Student IDs, extra security pondered for Jeffco schools

Lawmakers seek deal on gun control

July 27

Columbine killers had help, Jeffco sheriff says

July 26

Hands of bronze greet Columbine graduates

Columbine letters missing

July 25

Columbine like a hologram

Columbine investigation highlights teamwork

Columbine is like 'every school'

July 23

Columbine panel offers ideas

July 22

Harris' attorney says sheriff never called

July 21

Victim receives Harris letter

July 20

Hand-painted tiles to decorate Columbine

Teens seeking to curb violence

July 19

Wounded Columbine student, benefactor team up for ceremonial pitch

Students return to Columbine to design lively tiles

July 18

Columbine injured continue healing process

July 16

Columbine killer's mom irate letters weren't delivered

July 15

Sheriff's office set to return condolence letters from suspect's mom

Student, cops trade badges of courage

Youths launch D.C. gun crusade

July 14

Group petitions governor for a special session on gun laws

July 13

80 students to lobby for gun control

July 12

Columbine killers strike chord on Net

Teens seek stake in future

Columbine 'safe' place offers kids a hand

July 11

Country will learn from Columbine

Worldwide tribute: Three families put memorials to victims on Web

U.S. learns Columbine lessons

July 8

Columbine family shares first night

Mixed signals slowed rescue at Columbine, lawmaker says

July 7

Book by Cassie Bernall's mom to be published in September

July 5

Congress confronts Columbine

School becomes a stop on tourist trail

July 4

'It's a God thing'

July 3

Students defend teacher's actions

The first steps toward full recovery

Healing Fund gives to families

Distribution Plan

July 2

Columbine survivor heads home

Anti-gun group seeks students for march on D.C.

Klebold's parents fight autopsy release

June 28

Littleton studies ways to help kids

Columbine claims another 'victim'

Story of Harris' dad exploding pipe bomb not true, teen says

June 27

The girl in the picture

June 25

Tours to be held for Columbine parents, kids

Judge unseals autopsy report on Eric Harris

June 24

Grad takes Columbine flag to summit

Workers put in extra 30,400 hours

Seller of pistol to school gunmen faces new charge

Jefferson County won't sell Rebel Hill

June 23

Shooting victim gets special gift from special friend

Slain teacher honored for heroism

June 22

Salazar, Owens to draft report on youth summit

No evidence found in killers' computers

June 21

Harrises didn't see a monster in their midst

June 20

Fewer guns, more adult inspiration

Injured Columbine student takes first painful steps

Urban violence ignored, activist says

Parents told to take responsibility

Kids need authority, leaders agree

DeAngelis stays quiet on panel

Denver kids answer tough questions

June 19

Who has the solution? We all do!

Parental duty is what's needed now

Now is the time to listen

Simplistic approaches will not work

Take control of your own life and love one another

Fire Jane Hammond now!

Governor: Summit is start of long road

Cries that bind:

Teen met Harris, Klebold at target practice

Race a struggle for Bay-area teen but he kept thinking about Lance

June 18

Killers' co-worker turns himself in

Tancredo shifts beliefs, backs restrictive bill

Police arrest gun-deal broker in Columbine case

Shoelses want Columbine autopsies unveiled

June 17

Parents balk at metal detectors in school

Two Columbine students to speak at seminar

June 16

Killers stayed in small area of school

Parents want new library at Columbine

Town opposes 'fortress' school

Mission is to tear down barriers

Summit features 25 teens

June 15

Lawsuits damage grieving community

Nurses still wrapped up in Columbine

June 14

Choir uses Colorado trip to raise funds for Columbine

Coping with Jonesboro


June 13

Klebold suicide ruling questioned

News asks judge to unseal reports

'Responsible adults' needed for school safety, expert says

Healing comes slowly in Oregon

June 12

FBI enhancing 911 call of Columbine teacher

Columbine students can still get their belongings from school

June 11

Shooting victim's dad has stern words for Congress

Coalition uses teens to point out ease of gun purchase at show

June 10

The calm before the storm

'Hell House' will cancel grisly lesson

Jeffco task force studies violence

Public invited to view Columbine remodeling plans

Parent aims to buy hill, install crosses

June 9

Theaters to check photo IDs

June 8

Suggestions pour in for Columbine memorial

Shoels' windfall will buy guns from teens

Columbine High repairs already under way

June 6

Brutal Klebold emerges in accounts

New name, same guns at Tanner show

Victims got early look inside

100 volunteers stretch hearts, hands for chain

June 5

Gun buyer didn't see it coming

Columbine students put pen to paper

Injured teen goes out on the town

Committee may allocate funds for Columbine victims by late June

Human chain for children

June 4

Goal of Harris' dad: 'Raise 2 good sons'

'She Said Yes' to tell Cassie Bernall's story

Controversial gun show returns

June 3

Killers' pal passes polygraph

Girl joins 3 schoolmates at rehab center

June 2

Columbine students reclaim 'home'

Grief overwhelms Columbine victim

Talks seek way for Klebolds to meet parents

Students retrieve items, 'junk'

Repairs begin with the focus on cafeteria

Rocker Manson blames society for Columbine

Owens, Salazar see safety summit as starting point

Feds will study marketing of violence to kids

May 31

Carpenter won't include crosses for school killers

May 30

Parents rarely held liable

Lawmaker frustrated in bid to have painting relocated

Crosses for Columbine dead go up Monday at Roxborough

May 29

Parents found bomb in room

DIA operator pulls most-violent video games

Judge seals autopsy reports

Meeting reviews school killings

May 28

School to let kids retrieve goods

Columbine victim's dad says NRA a scapegoat

Shoelses' lawyer vows to overturn 'obscene' law

District extends deadline for early retirement

Columbine crosses come to rest

May 27

Shoelses sue parents of Harris, Klebold

Jeffco DA discusses donations with victims

Columbine shooting victim released from hospital, again

Symbols dispute won't delay memorial

Jeffco schools study charge of athlete's special treatment

Shooting victim's dad diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease

May 26

Some families arguing over money

Students, teachers return to Columbine

Columbine victim moved to Craig

Columbine students share ideas

Victim's dad calls for tighter gun laws

May 25

Police ask injured kids to help them

May 24

DPS enrollment stable since tragedy

Wyoming boy, 12, held after threats to school

May 23

'Pomp and Circumstance' and tears

Senators split on gun safety locks

Party lightens mood at Clement Park



May 22

Judge bans 'CHS' on graduation gowns

Gunmen's skills kept them from killing more

Team to recreate Columbine shootout

Lawmakers consider hot line for schools

GOP candidate says America in crisis

May 21

Clintons witness healing

Poll: Coloradans want more safety

Area schools grapple with security issues

Clintons meet families heart to heart

Shoels delivers heated message to president

Injured victims talk with president

A handshake and tears -- and a memory

Theory of 2 gunmen holds sway

Protesters draw community's ire

Shooting at Georgia high school stuns Columbine students, parents

Excerpts from President Clinton's speech to Columbine students

May 20

Gun-control opinions unchanged

Young journalists get the job done

Columbine victims slowly improving

Clinton calls boy wounded at Columbine

May 19

Problem is hate, youth tells Congress

Black groups chide Clinton over Columbine

Columbine mementos await decision on fate

Donations flowing to Columbine victims

May 18

Lift from a stranger

65 ideas submitted for Columbine tribute

May 17

Clinton to meet privately with Columbine families

Allard wants services at school memorials

May 16

Lessons learned, lives changed

Columbine has gun owners, sellers on the defensive

Roadblocks keep mentally ill kids from getting treatment

Fear, hope fill graduation day for Columbine

Shooting victim vows to rejoin marching band next year

May 15

Colo. senators change votes on gun checks

Friend left school before shootings

Teen shot five times reports he feels 'great'

Computer, online data searched

May 14

Father of victim blames NRA for shootings

Inquiry to extend into August

Columbine High crosses find permanent home

Cops billing schools for extra officers

Foley's gives DU $50,000 in honor of slain teacher

Putting bullies in their place

Oklahoman visits Clement Park

5 hospitalized Columbine students improving

May 13

Legislator urges disclosure to schools

Campbell, Allard oppose curbs on gun-show sales

Powell touts community supervision of kids

May 12

Columbine repair estimate: $5 million

Video-game rental records confiscated

Campbell sponsors school-security bill

Meeting explores ways to avert school violence

Book prepared before April 20 shootings has photos of victims, killers

Wounded boy now in fair condition

May 11

Clinton slams violent images

Salazar hails youth violence conference

School bans spur backlash

Cops to keep Columbine High off-limits through May

Columbine officials view damage

May 10

Candles damage Columbine shrine

Artist's poster promotes healing

Harris complaint 'cried out' for probe

Big lawsuits likely would go to U.S. courts

City copes with connection to killings

May 9

Columbine investigators explore world of terror

Students pledge to end taunts

Columbine student plans to share love he's received

May 8

FBI backs agent with close ties to Columbine

'I'm getting better,' says student hurt in rampage

Teacher had concerns about Klebold's essays

Frightened students getting help

Students hear firsthand about rights abuses

May 7

Killers' friends taking lie detector tests

Clinton to visit Columbine victims

Ex-senator believes good can come from tragedy

May 6

Carpenter returns to park with 13 memorial crosses

Another video depicts attack on school

5 Columbine students remain in hospitals

Columbine task force organizes resources

Bigger classes likely in Jeffco

May 5

Teens acquired pistol after chance meeting

Crosses returning to park

Columbine tab $50 million?

For every letter, an answer

Boy shot in spine goes to rehab

May 4

Jeffco man arrested in gun sale

Healing time for returning students

Shoels family to sue school, Klebolds, Harrises

A school looks to its future

Chatfield students happy to help

5 gunshot victims still in hospitals

May 3

Students, teachers go back to class

A return to learning

Teachers take cues from kids

Suspected pistol seller to face felony charges later this week

Picking up pieces at memorial

Sunshine warms heavy hearts

Unified voices, prayers fill air, churches

Carpenter removes crosses he had erected for the dead

Researchers say Harris reconfigured video game

Victim updates

May 2

In hindsight, signs to killings obvious

Buckley makes NRA happy


Hatred for jocks stuns Harris' ex-teammate

Community praised for pulling together

Members make show of support for NRA

Heston indignant, defiant

Klebolds 'very cooperative'

'I wish it had been me'

8,000 rally against gun violence

Disturbed souls seek after-dark solace at Clement Park

Victim's father to confer with lawyer

Heartbreak, mystery shroud shrine

Divided by the crosses

May 1

Sheriff downplays threat tips

Clinton will visit Jeffco this month

Protesters aiming to besiege NRA

Dad cuts down killers' crosses

Klebold's brother stunned

Visit from Aerosmith cheers severely wounded teen

Rumors boost absence rate

Girl turned down Harris for prom date

Police can't discuss problem kids with schools

Pilgrims come from all corners

April 30

Deputy knew of Harris' threats

Thornton gun dealer sold pistol

Talented athlete known for generosity would 'give you the shirt off his back'

Police continue search for accessories

Priceless possessions still locked up

Communication breakdowns foil information flow

Police say teacher was not abandoned

Cost of shooting tops $1 million

Three shooting victims sustained spinal injuries

Survivor tells his story today on talk show


April 29

Harris told of ambition to blow up Columbine

Gun buyer known as bright, shy student

'It's Dylan' starts spiral of misery

Keys to survival

Gunmen died within minutes

Young athlete's love for soccer always brought a smile to his face

Columbine killers had unknown friend

Hallowed hill

Coloradans show their sympathy for gunmen's families



April 28

Arrest near for providers of guns

Crosses for Harris, Klebold join 13 others

Silence falls across area 1 week after din of death

'It was unbelievable craziness'

Smiling, gentle giant buried with military honors at Fort Logan

He'd rather be outside than anywhere else, and his favorite place was the fishing hole

Family, teammates bid final farewell to Columbine High School's No. 70

Striker patches for igniting bombs suggest rampage carefully planned

Critically injured teen fights back



April 27

Klebold's date bought 2 weapons

Girl did not forsake God

Teens hike to memorial

Shootings fuel debate over 'jock elitism' at Columbine

'Dave bled the ultimate blue and silver; he will never ever be taken from us'

'Your courage and commitment to Christ have gained you a special place in heaven'





April 26

Tens of thousands 'honor these children'

70,000 join together in sorrow

Return to school spurs anxiety

Two words to SWAT officer: 'Thank you'

Klebolds never knew, friend says


Neighbors repeatedly alerted sheriff's about Harris' menacing behavior

Online friend didn't see evil side of Harris

Wounded teen-ager has 'strong will,' father says

Teens 'radiant, forever young'

3 let curiosity get best of them

April 25

Gunmen had it all mapped out

Into the heart of darkness

Mundane gave way to madness

Killers' double life fooled many

17-year-old girl 'shined for God at all times'


Schools tighten security

Kids need spiritual nourishment

Survival measured in minutes

Lawmen defend response times, tactics

Afterward, no tidy explanations

Tourniquet no answer to school violence

Clergy, too, need shoulders

April 24

Note blames the victims

Mourners recall respectful teen

Owens tours eerie scene of deadly rampage

Klebold's mom 'shocked and numb'

Memorial service expected to draw big crowd

Tapes put sounds, voices to terror

Columbine students will start classes at Chatfield

Student takes a step to recovery

Two injuries result in paralysis

Licensed dealers sold 2 of the guns

April 23

Police step up search for others involved

Trench Coat Mafia shocked by violence

Massacre hints missed

Martyr for her faith

Teen confident he'll beat paralysis


Wounded teen who fell from window

District scrambling to find way to resume classes next week

Disabled student among those hospitalized

Clinton offers words of optimism

How you can help

April 22

Columbine may remain closed for school year

Offers of help pour in

Police begin somber clean-up

Sponsors will let 2 major gun bills die

Pope sends message of comfort, hope

Clinton calls for unity, prayer

NRA curtails convention

Luck and a lie saved wrestler

Security is under siege

List of those hospitalized

Seeking solace

AOL freezes shooter's Web site

Friendly faces hid kid killers

The nagging question: Did others help?

Video a blueprint for shootings

April 21

Death goes to school with cold, evil laughter

Twins helped others in crisis

Friends, kin comfort wounded

Violence often a silent storm

Trail of mayhem

Recounting the mayhem

Hospitals on high alert for disaster

Grief flows across metro Denver

Fierce debate erupts on Internet

Quiet loners worried other students

Jefferson County school officials: Expect increased security

School has history of excellence

Those who weathered Oregon shooting offer ways to cope


Area schools increase security

Parents wait, cry and hope

April 20

School War Zone

The aftermath: Trauma's effect on kids

Where to place the blame?