Longhorns pay tribute to Johnson family

During the 2007 season, Texas Football will wear special wildflower helmet stickers to honor President Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson and the Johnson family, head coach Mack Brown announced Monday.

"Because President Johnson has meant so much to our state, our country and our University, and Lady Bird is our First Lady who we just lost, and the Johnson family who has meant so much to all of us, we are going to put a wildflower in their honor on the back of our helmets for the full year," Brown said.

The Johnsons were noted fans of the program, and support of the idea was given by the full team.

"Coach Royal has talked to me about countless stories where he and President Johnson sat and talked about our team and our quarterbacks and all that it meant," Brown added. "[Equipment manager] Chip Robertson came up with it, obviously the influence that the First Lady had with wildflowers all across the country, so we thought it was a great idea. Obviously the President was very involved with civil rights back in the '60s. It was something that George Wynn presented to our team [Sunday] night, and our team was 100 percent unanimous that the Johnsons should have a place on the helmets."

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