May 17, 2007 - Sorry Veronica Mars fans, it looks like it's time to say goodbye. Today was The CW's Upfront event, and as expected, Veronica Mars was nowhere to be seen on their fall lineup. Still, rumors had continued to swirl that there could still be some life in the character in a pseudo-spinoff, focusing on an older Veronica now working as an FBI agent. This idea was said to be a possibility as midseason replacement. However, at a press conference held by CW president Dawn Ostroff I attended moments after the CW Upfront, Ostroff declared "Veronica Mars is not coming back," and when asked if the FBI concept could happen, said the show was probably completely gone "in any form."

Adding a bit of confusion was Ostroff's revelation that she is talking to Veronica creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell about "doing something else," though it was hard to tell if she meant something with the Veronica character or a new series entirely. After the press conference, Ostroff acknowledged that contractually, any hold they'd have on Bell to play Veronica would be over by June 15th, and though she again was a bit unclear on whether there might be some 11th hour and 59 minute resurrection of the character, it seemed almost for certain that next week's season finale will be the last time we'd ever see Ms. Mars.

Amusingly though, Kristen Bell will still be heard on The CW next fall, as she is the unseen narrator of their new series Gossip Girl, from The O.C.'s Josh Schwartz. Gossip Girl is one of four new scripted series The CW is debuting in the fall, which include a pilot directed by Kevin Smith (Reaper), a series filmed in South Africa (Life is Wild, formerly known as Wild at Heart), and a new Monday night comedy, Aliens in America. Ostroff said it was still unknown how much involvement Smith might have in Reaper beyond the pilot.

The CW is also pushing a lot of reality series, with returning hits America's Next Top Model, Pussycat Dolls Present, and Beauty & the Geek joined by new series Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants and Farmer Wants a Wife, along with a user generated show called Online Nation. Geek is getting a bit of a promotion, as the series, usually used as a midseason programmer, will make its first fall debut.

One Tree Hill will be returning midseason, and as rumored, will be doing a rather dramatic leap forward in its timeline - The characters were finishing high school as the current season ended, but the next season will pick up four years in the future, with everyone now having graduated from college.

Following is The CW's full schedule for the 2007 - 2008 season, with network provided descriptions of the new series.

  • 7:00 E/P CW Now (NEW SERIES): CW Now blends news and entertainment to create the ultimate source for everything that's hip, hot and happening right now in the world of young adults. With a team of experts focusing on the topics and trends that appeal specifically to The CW generation, this new series will feature informative and entertaining reports on the hottest fashions, the coolest music, the must-see movies and the must-have gadgets and technology. CW Now will be everywhere young adults are: from cyberspace profiling the best of the web, to hitting the streets and getting inside the most popular hotspots. With young adults' insatiable appetite for all things celebrity, each episode will report on the latest news and gossip from inside the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Moving at a rapid-fire pace and utilizing eye-catching graphics and visuals, CW NOW fits perfectly with the on-demand lifestyle of adults 18-34. CW Now is a co-production of Telepictures Productions and Warner Horizon Television with executive producers Lisa Gregorisch (Extra) and Mike Miller (Extra).

  • 7:30 E/P Online Nation (NEW SERIES): Young adults have taken their quest for fame into their own hands as the amount of user-generated entertainment continues to explode across the internet. Now The CW is giving them a nationally televised stage to show off what they've got. Online Nation scours the nearly infinite number of websites, blogs and user-generated materials on the internet to find the best, the hottest, the unique and sometimes, the flat-out bizarre, and presents it on The CW audience's other favorite screen: the TV screen. This fun, irreverent weekly series features everything and anything that has captured the attention of the online world, from the most popular sites to the addictive viral videos being shared by millions, to insights from the digital tastemakers. Born of the internet and tailored specifically for this generation, this series also features an innovative interactive element as viewers will be able to see what others are saying and communicate with them live on the air. The CW is turning mouse potatoes into couch potatoes by putting all the greatest internet clips in one ready-to-use package. I>Online Nation is from Room 403 Productions with executive producers David Hurwitz (Fear Factor) and Paul Cockerill (Trigger Happy TV, Jimmy Kimmel Live).

  • 8:00 E/P Life is Wild (NEW SERIES): Katie Clarke (Leah Pipes, Clubhouse) may never forgive her veterinarian father, Danny (Brett Cullen, Friday Night Lights), for dragging their entire blended family out of New York City to spend a year living in a broken-down lodge called The Blue Antelope in a game reserve deep inside South Africa. Everyone in the family, including Katie's 11-year-old brother Chase (K'sun Ray, Smith), Danny's second wife Jo (Judith Hoag, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), her rebellious teenage son Jesse (Andrew St. John, General Hospital) and 7-year-old daughter, Mia (Mary Matilyn Mouser, Eloise), is sure Danny has lost his mind. But Danny's reasons go beyond his desire to keep his troubled family together while making a difference in the lives of the people and animals of South Africa: his deceased first wife Claire grew up at The Blue Antelope and it's still home to her reclusive father Art (David Butler). After just a few days in South Africa, the family has already encountered an injured lioness, a lost cub, and a gentle giraffe. They've also met a few locals, including a handsome young Brit, Oliver Banks (newcomer Calvin Goldspink) and his twin sister Emily (newcomer Tiffany Mulheron), whose father Colin Banks (Jeremy Sheffield), runs a safari business for wealthy tourists, and Tumelo (newcomer Atandwa Kani), a teen who dreams of becoming a veterinarian. While they are definitely outsiders, Katie and the rest of the family are nevertheless beginning to love the breathtaking vistas of the bush country and the vibrant culture enveloping them. A year in this strange but beautiful place might not be so bad after all. Life is Wild is a production of CBS Paramount Network Television Inc., Warner Bros. Television and Company Pictures, an All 3 Media Company, with executive producers Michael Rauch (Love Monkey), Charlie Pattinson (Shameless) and George Faber (Skins). Bryan Gordon (The Office / Curb Your Enthusiasm) directed the pilot.
- The CW
Life is Wild

  • 9:00 E/P America's Next Top Model Encore Presentation

  • 8:00 E/P Everybody Hates Chris

  • 8:30 E/P Aliens in America (NEW SERIES): Justin Tolchuk (Dan Byrd, The Hills Have Eyes) is a sensitive, lanky 16-year-old just trying to make it through the social nightmare of high school in Medora, Wisconsin, with the help of his well-meaning mom Franny (Amy Pietz, Caroline in the City), aspiring-entrepreneur dad Gary (Patrick Breen, Kevin Hill), and his popular sister Claire (Lindsey Shaw, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide), who is sweetly unaware of how good-looking she is. When Franny signs up for the school's international exchange student program, she pictures an athletic, brilliant Nordic teen who will bestow instant coolness on her outsider son. However, when the Tolchuk's exchange student arrives, he turns out to be Raja Musharaff (Adhir Kalyan, Fair City), a 16-year-old Pakistani Muslim. Despite the cultural chasm between them, Justin and Raja quickly develop an unlikely friendship that just might allow them to navigate the minefield that is contemporary high school. It's going to be a very interesting year for Raja, Justin, his family and the entire population of Medora. Aliens in America is from CBS Paramount Network Television Inc. and Warner Bros. Television with executive producers Tim Doyle (Jake in Progress), Moses Port (Just Shoot Me, Mad About You) and David Guarascio (Just Shoot Me / Mad About You). Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door) directed the pilot.
- The CW

  • 9:00 E/P Girlfriends

  • 10:00 E/P The Game

  • 8:00 E/P Beauty & the Geek

  • 9:00 E/P Reaper (NEW SERIES): For the first 20 years of his life, Sam (Bret Harrison, The Loop / Grounded for Life) wondered why his parents went so easy on him. Whether it was school, sports or career choices, Sam's mom (Allison Hossack, Falcon Beach) and dad (Andrew Airlie, The L Word) always let him get by with the least possible effort, while at the same time pressuring his younger brother Keith (Kyle Switzer, 15/Love) to excel. As a result, Sam skipped college, took a dead-end job and now wastes endless hours playing video games and wishing he had the guts to ask out his pretty co-worker, Andi (Nikki Reed, Thirteen / The O.C.). Everything in his slacker world changes the day Sam turns 21 and discovers the ungodly reason his parents let him slide: they sold his soul to the devil before he was born. Satan himself (Ray Wise, 24 / Twin Peaks) drops by to personally explain that Sam must now serve as his bounty hunter, tracking down evil souls that have escaped and returning them to Hell. At first, Sam refuses to accept his bizarre fate, but after getting just a glimpse of Satan's temper, Sam realizes that breaking a deal with the devil has consequences that are very, very bad. Armed with a constantly changing series of vessels żż starting with a Dirt Devil mini-vacuum żż to collect the escapees, Sam immediately finds that the work is dangerous and frightening, even with the goofball help of his friends and fellow slackers, Bert "Sock" Wysocki (Tyler Labine, Boston Legal / Invasion) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez, Coach Carter), along with Sock's former-girlfriend-turned-paralegal, Josie (Valarie Rae Miller, Dark Angel). Still, as weird and scary as his life has become, Sam is surprised to find that he somehow feels good about his newfound "mission" żż removing evil-doers from the world and sending them back where they belong. With his friends and his trusty vessel-of-the-week at his side, Sam is ready to face his destiny as the Reaper. Reaper is from ABC Studios with executive producers Michelle Fazekas (Ed / Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Tara Butters (Ed / Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy / Criminal Minds), Deb Spera (Criminal Minds), Tom Spezialy (Desperate Housewives) and Kevin Smith (Clerks / Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back). Kevin Smith also directed the pilot.
- The CW
Gossip Girl