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Festival Archive.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Every summer we are priviledged to be able to view some Korean films courtesy of the Edinburgh International Film festival. Last year saw the UK premiere of The Host; this year we we see the UK premiere's of Breath, I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK, The Last Dining Table, and The Old Garden.

To book tickets, please click here and click on the film of your choice. Below is a brief summary of the films on show.

Breath (숨)

Screening Times: Mon 20th August: 21:15 Cineworld
                          Wed 22nd August: 19:45 Cineworld

It follows a women who discovers that her husband has been unfailthful and subsequently begins a relationship with a convicted criminal. Starring Zia and Taiwanese actor Chang Chen, it certainly sounds like the narrative Kim Ki-duk would direct. But, according to Chosun it was recieved very well in Cannes with a 10 minute standing ovation following the film

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (싸이보그지만 괜찮아)

Screening Times: Sun 19th August: 20:00 Cameo
                          Wed 22nd August: 17:30 Cameo

Unsurprisingly, the narrative (if you can call it a narrative - this is more avant-garde than a conventional film) focusses on individual (Lim Soo-jung) who thinks she is a cyborg. Therefore, in order for her to survive, she thinks she needs to plug herself into the mains by cutting open her wrists. Subsequently she resides in a mental hospital where she meets ill-sung  (Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain) who feels convicted to steal other people's souls. The film follows both characters as they enter into a rather bizarre relationship.

Below is what I wrote when the film was screened in Berlin:

Berlin is now in full swing. It is screening 9 films in total from Korean directors.  The main attention is on director Park Chan-Wook (박찬욱) for I'm a cyborg, but that's OK (싸이보그지만 괜찮아), which is included in the competition. It has flopped at home - audiences came out very confused, which is quite ironic seeing Park has said that this is the most commerical film he has ever made. As his films are always rich in philosophy, there is some opinion, he has gone to far, perhaps into the territory of Kim ki-duk. And, let us not forget, that Kim Ki-duk and Park for that matter are becoming more popular abroad, rather than on home soil. This film could be Park's most successful film to hit international territory, though to beat Oldboy will take some beating. Incedently all screenings for Cyborg, but that's OK are sold out.

The Last Dining Table  (마지막 밥상)

Screening Times:  Mon 20th August: 21:50 Cineworld
                         Tue 21st August: 19:45  Cineworld

Yet another film that challenges the conventions of film; in one sense it is a multi-layered narrative that explores a set of characters that appear to have no connection - a grandmother who wants to divorce her dead husband, a father who is addicted to gambling, a mother who works in a mortuary and a teenage son who works as a cabaret singer - yet, director Roy Gyeong-tae provides the characters with space and thus, limits the interference with a limited dialogue and allows the story to be dicated by the camera.

It was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and this is what I said in the report

"The Last Dining Table was highly praised in the American trade journal, variety as being “a superbly composed tableau of forgotten and discarded people living on the outskirts of Seoul” (link) obviously didn’t go well with the public (It recieved a poor rating from the pubic). With multiple story lines, it explores the distance between people and society. Very mixed reactions – it also was screened at sundance last year. With little dialogue, perhaps audiences felt it was a little dull."

The Old Garden (오래된 정원)


Screening Times: Sat 18th August: 17:30 Cineworld
                        Sun 19th August : 22:00  Cineworld

This film is based upon the best-selling novel by Hwang Sok-yong where it follows former radical, Oh Hyun-woo (Ji jin-hee) who was imprisoned for being a radical for seventeen years, and as he is released, he emerges into a society that is has changed quite signiifcantly. He subsequently retreats to a hiding place he used to share with his lover and fellow activist, but she is no longer there. Consequently he is forced to hold on to lasting memories

This is what I wrote when it was released in the Korean box office in January, which will give you an insight into its performance in Korea.

"The Old Garden (오래된 정원) opened disappointedly in the first weekend of January and then vanished..... The Old Garden (오래된 정원) on the other hand is quite the opposite – it is embedded with very deep political and social issues. Director Lim Sang-soo (임상수) is not exactly new to tackling these issues. His last film, The President’s last Bang (그때 그사람들) arguably caused more controversy than any other – it was forced to cut 3 mins 50 secs, which incidentally has now been reversed and can now been seen in its entirety. Returning back to his latest film, at 136,218 admissions after 3 days of release, it is perhaps too political. Mind you these films were released at a time where there was fierce competition: Night at The Museum, A-200 Pound Beauty (미녀는 괴로워) , My Wife is a Gangster 3 (Jopog Manura 3 (조폭 마누라)." Link to January Box office

Future Shorts UK

The screening is a selection of short films based on the theme of Valantines Day.

They are including two Korean shot films. They are as follows:

A Vital Activity Dir: Joum-kyun Oh, 2003
An irrepressible need to make love sends a young couple on a quest for a suitable location

A Path of Tears Dir: Sujin Jo, 2005
A beautifully sorrowful animation about a break-up

Please forgive me for the very late notice - much of the event has passed, but there are 3  screenings this evening (Monday):

Ginglik (Shepherds Bush) (8.30pm).
Tel: 07714 207914

Greenwich Picture House (7.30pm)
08707 5500065

Bristol - Clifton Picture house (8pm)
0117 973 9302

28th February 2007:

Leeds Picturehouse (8.45pm)

FAB Cafe Liverpool (7pm)

Belfast Launch! Speakseasy Bar, Queen's Student Union (8.30pm)

Dublin, 4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2 (8pm)

Prices vary depending on location, so just click on the nearest location and have a look. If you can't find the info you are looking for, please go to their website

You can also have a look at their myspace site and/or their shorts programme for further information.

Thanks again Philip for letting me know.

Bird's Eye Festival

This is a festival, which is dedicated to women film filmmakers and they have decided to screen In Between Days as part of their festival tihs year. I have always been interested in women filmmakers, not least in Korea where despite masculine dominance, female filmmakers are emerging. After all the first commerical film to be released in the UK (Take Care of My cat) was not directed by a man and her abilty to tackle feminist issues in Korea is inspirational.

As you can see from below, Kim So-yong emigrated to LA and basis her ideas on her experiences with her expat friends in the what is now the biggest Korean town in the world, outside Korea.

I strongly advise you to have a look. Thanks Philip for letting me know.

In Between Days

So Yong Kim, Canada/Korea, 2006, 85′ event total 95′

Friday 9th March ICA CINEMA 2: 8.30PM
Monday 12th March ICA CINEMA 2: 8.30PM

‘A slow-burning and memorable gem on the loneliness of a stranger in a strange land’ - Screen International

This highly accomplished debut from won both the Fipresci Critics award (for new cinema) at Berlin and the Sundance Special Jury Prize For Independent Vision 2006.

Young Korean immigrant Aimie (Jiseon Kim), falls in love with her best friend Tran (Taegu Andy Kang) while navigating her way through the challenges of living in a new country. This meditative story boasts strong, subtly expressive central performances from two talented young actors.

So Yong Kim is a filmmaker, musician and artist who works in partnership with her husband Bradley Rust Gray. Born and raised in Pusan Korea, she emigrated to the US when she was 12. Having written, directed and edited the film, Kim states: ‘my inspiration for In Between Days came from my teenage years of growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles.. In my circle of Korean Immigrant teenage friends there was a persistent tension when it came to the topics of sex and love… I used this experience as a basis to build a backdrop for the characters.’

Featured at this years Edinburgh International Film Festival, this screening is a special London Premiere of In Between Days.

For further information regarding tickets and anything else you can't find here, please visit their website.

BFI 50th London Film Festival  18 October - 2 November 2006

It is that time of year again when the biggest festival in the UK is unleashed. Unfortunately there are not many Korean films on the agenda, however, The King and The Clown is coming to London for the first time on Thursday 19 October . Prior to The Host, this was the most successful domestic film in Korea attracting over 12 million admissions. Below you can find some information about The King and the Clown and if you scroll down to the bottom you will find infomation about the screening. There is some information regarding the Korean short film to be screened, Rabbits and Bears (Ttoki wa Gom), which will be screened on October 31 and November 1.

The King and The Clown is to be screened on October 29 and November 2

The London Film Festival have managed to reschedule the film, which is great news. There is a catch though. On October 29 it will be screened at 10.30 Odeon West End Screen 1, which is very early for a film. However it will also be screened at 6pm on November 2 Odeon West End Screen 2.  You can book tickets through this link.

Wednesday 25 October 2006

Update on The King and The Clown

This is not official, but it looks almost certain they will actually reshedule The King and The Clown later on in the festival.

According to Naver, CJ Entertainment only have one print of the King and The Clown with English Subtitles. It went to Canada then back to Pusan for their festival and arrived in London on 19th October (day of the screening) but customs insisted it went through the right procedures, which inevitably took time and now it is in the hands of the organizers of the London Film Festival.

Korean's have heavily criticized CJ Entertainment for only having one print because this does look very bad, not only on CJ Entertainment, but on Korean films in general. However they have apologised and are in contact with the London Film Festival to try and have a screening(s) somewhere in the festival.

I have also recieved an e-mail from the London Film Festival, which confirms they are rescheduling. So very good news -  I just hope they don't reschedule it for a rediculous time no-one can make. But thanks for CJ Entertainment for doing their upmost to rectify the situation and likewise to the London Film Festival for being so tolerent and patient.

When I know more,  I will let you know.

Source: Naver (Korean)

Screening of The King of The Clown has been CANCELLED

Much to my disappointment, the screening has been cancelled. I am currently trying to find out what has happened and will let you know as soon as possible. Here is what the London Film Festival has to say:

We are very sorry to announce the cancellation of The King and the Clown and The Ugly Swans. We have arranged additional replacement screenings of Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (19 Oct), Fresh Air (19 Oct)  and The Go Master (21 Oct).

We hope to arrange a screening of The King and the Clown for a later date in the Festival.

Ticket holders who do not wish to see the replacement programmes are kindly requested to contact the Box Office for a ticket exchange or refund. We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment these changes may cause.

The King and The Clown. (왕의 남자) (Wang eui nam ja)Thursday 19 October: 12.30pm & 6pm Odeon West End Screen 2.

Directed and produced by: Lee Joon-ik (이준익)
Screenwriter:  Choi Seok-hwan (최석환)
Starring: Kam Woo-seong (감우성), Jeong Jin-yeong (정진영),  Kang Seong-yeon (강성연), Lee Joon-ki (이준기), Jang Hang-seon (장항선), Yoo Hae-jin (유해진), Jeong Seok-yong (정석용),  Yoon Joo-sang (윤주상), Choi Il-hwa (최일화),  Woo Hyeon (우현) & Kim Jin-hyeok (김진혁)
Distributed by: Cinema Service
Running time: 119 mins
Number of Admissons in Korea: 12,302,831 (7 weeks on release)


Two clowns played by
Kam Woo-seong (감우성) and Lee Joon-ki (이준기) land themeselves in trouble, which is largely down to Jangsaeng (Kam Woo-seong) who's lack of respect for authority is not exactly subtle. They are subsquently brought before the tyrannical king (Yeonsangun of Joseon), who ends up having an attraction for Konggil (Lee Joon-ki) (이준기) .

Reviews / what to expect

Seeing it has taken 12.3 million admissions, it is clear that it is a film that warrants much attention. What is not so clear, however, is why it has been such a popular hit.

It was released at a time when the most expensive Korean film, Typhoon  hit the screens from hit director, Kwak Gyoung-taek. It is also worth noting that Peter Jackson's King Kong was also released, but out of nowhere with little or even no expectation, The King and the Clown went on to make history, but how and why?

Jean Noh at Screen International points to word of mouth, internet and media coverage which were essentially the drive behind The King and The Clown. With a budget of $4.5 million, aggresive marketing is not something on the agenda, but was word of mouth? Probably, but no-one could of imagined how influential word of mouth, the internet and media coverage would become.

In Darcy's excellent review he points to why. He suggests and many others agree, is that much of the films appeal comes from newcomer  Lee Joon-ki. "Amidst Lee's burgeoning popularity, news stories have proliferated about how teenage Korean girls are supposedly less interested in muscular, alpha male types compared to adrogynous or outright feminine-looking boys such as Lee or Kang Dong-won (Duelist)." Darcy Parquet

But to say it appeals only to the younger generation is a mistake (this is never implied in Darcy's review), since the film has a cross generational appeal and it is as much a domestic success as it is a social phenominan. Older generations were drawn to the film - instead of parents taking their children to the cinema, it was the other way round. The film's rich history combined with a contemporary narrative, yet not too contencious through its subtle homeosexual references opposed to explciit ones has attaracted a wide audience even to the extent of president Roh taking some time out to go and see it.

There has been some doubt whether international audiences will understand the film without knowing some history, but because of the films
“explosive ability to engage” it has been chosen for Korea's entry for the Foreign Language Oscar 2007. It beats contenders such as Kim ki-duk's Time and Bong Joon-ho's smash hit, The Host.

The King and The Clown also took seven awards from what I call the Korean oscars, otherwise known as the Grand Bell awards. You can view the awards here.

So there is much to expect, but as you well know, quite often high expectations result in disappointment, but this is a film that is not just a film, but also an interesting study into where Korean cinema is going or at least hinting at some kind of direction. Therefore, since I have yet to see it, I will be attending the screenings and I am going to write a feature on the film, its response and its place in the realm of Korean film. So, see you there and I should have the feature up by the end of October!

Screening Information.

It is being shown on the Odeon West End Screen 2 on Thursday 19th October at 12.30 and 18:00. This is the same screen as the Frightfest screening of The Host and I am sure you will agree if you have been to the Odeon West End, the screen is large to say the least with 832 seats, so to see it on a very big screen, this is your chance. It might not be the Odeon flagship screen (1679 seats), but it is a big screen nevertheless. YOU CAN NOW BOOK TICKETS VIA THEIR WEBSITE

The only other Korean film, which is to be sreened as part of the festival isRabbits and Bears (Ttoki wa Gom). It is a short film (21 mins) by Kim Hyo-Jeong. I have never heard of it, but  for the BFI (British Film Institute) to screen it,  there is much to expect.  According to their website it is about  'A dead end job handing out leaflets on the street is enlivened by an interesting encounter.'  It is being screened with 7 other short films on October 31 at 21:00 and November 1 at 13:30 at the National Film Theatre. YOU CAN NOW BOOK YOUR TICKETS VIA THE FESTIVAL WEBSITE

Korean Film 06.  27 September - 31 September 2006

Photo taken by Philip Gowman

Festival info

I know its last mintute, but what can you do - all these things are. It is a Korean film Festival, but it is not associated with the festival in May. It takes place in the Odeon Covent Garden and entry is FREE. It also includes a Q & A with director Typhoon director  Kwak Kyeong-taek. The discussion will be centred around his latest film, but no doubt there will be some questions about his classic, Friend. There are also other guests on the panel, but these need to be confirmed.

More information is available on their website and when I have got two minutes, I will write a detailed synopsis for all films. I am helping them out, so time is very tight at the monent. If you have any questions please ask me at jase@koreanfilm.org.uk or go on their website www.koreanfilm.co.uk. There isn't any contact info on their site, so just ask me if you have any queries.

Wednesday 27th September

 Maraton (말아톤) (2004)   Time: 13:15
Director and writer: Jeong Yoon-cheol (정윤철)
Starring: Jo Seung-Woo(조승우), Kim Mi-Sook (김미숙), Lee Kim-Young  (이기영) and Ahn Nae-sang (안내상)
Duration: 117 mins

April Snow (외출) (2005) Time: 15:40
Director and writer: Heo Jin-ho  (허진호)
Starring: Bae Yong-joon (허진호), Son Ye-jin (손예진),  Ryoo Seung-soo (류승수) & Im Sang-hyo (임상효)
Duration: 105 mins

Typhoon (태풍) (UK Premier) (2005) Time: 18:40

Director and writer: Kwak Gyong-taek (곽경택)
Starring: Jang Dong-gun (장동건), Lee Jeong-jae (이정재) & Lee Mi-yeon (이미연)
Duration: 124 mins

 Director Q & A: Kwak Gyoung-taek (곽경택).  Time: 20:50

Thursday 28th September

 April Snow (외출) (2005) Time: 11:30
Director and writer Heo Jin-ho (허진호)
Starring: Bae Yong-joon (배용준), Son Ye-jin (손예진), Ryoo Seung-soo (류승수) & Im Sang-hyo (임상효)
Duration: 105 mins


Murder, Take One (박수칠떠니라) (2005) Time: 13:40
Director and writer: Jang Jin (장진)
Starring: Cha Seung-won  & Shin ha-gyun
Duration: 115 mins


Lady Vengeance (친절한 금자씨)  (2005) Time: 16:00
Director: Park Chan-wook  (박찬욱)
Screenplay by: Park Chan-wook  (박찬욱) & Jeong Seo-Kyeong (정서경)
Starring: Lee young-ae (이영애), & Choi Min-sik (최민식)
Duration: 112 mins


Maraton 말아톤 (2004)   Time: 18:15
Director and writer: Jeong Yoon-cheol (정윤철)
Starring: Jo Seung-Woo(조승우), Kim Mi-Sook (김미숙), Lee Kim-Young (이기영) and Ahn Nae-sang (안내상)
Duration: 117 mins

 Welcome to Dongmakgol (웰컴 투 동막골) (2005) Time: 20:35
Director: Park Kwang-hyeon (박광현)
Screenplay: Jang jin (장진) & Park Kwang-hyeon (박광현)
Starring: Sin Ha-gyoon (신하균), & Jeong Jae-yeong (정재영)
Duration: 133 mins

Friday 29th September

Bravo, My Life (2005)  Time: 10:15
Director: Park Heung-sik
Starring: Mun So-ri, Lee Jae-eung & Yun Jin-seo
Duration: 92 mins

Lady Vengeance
(친절한 금자씨) (2005) Time: 23:10
Director: Park Chan-wook (박찬욱)
Screenplay by: Park Chan-wook (박찬욱) & Jeong Seo-Kyeong (정서경)
Starring: Lee young-ae (이영애), & Choi Min-sik (최민식)
Duration: 112 mins

Saturday 30th Spetmber

Oseam (오세암) (2003) Time: 10:15
Directed and writen by Seong Baek-yeob (성백엽)
Duration: 75 mins

Hammer Boy (망치) (2004) Time: 12:00
Director: Ahn Tae-guen (안태근)
Duration: 80 mins

 Shark Bait (파이 스토리) (2006) Time: 13:30
Directors: Howard Baker ((하워드 베이커),  John Fox (존 폭스) and Lee Kyoung-ho (이경호)
Starring:  Kim Hyung-joon (김형준) Park Myeong-soo (박명수)
 & Im Chae-moo (임채무)
Duration: 78 mins

 Poror to the Cookie Castle (뽀로로외대모헝) (2004) Time: 15:30
Director: Kim Hyun-Ho
Duration: 70mins

  Crying Fist  (주먹이 운다) (2004) Time: 23:10
Director and writer:  Ryoo Sung-wan (류승완)
Starring: Choi Min-sik (최민식), Ryoo Seung-beom (류승범) & Im Won-hee (임원희)
Duration: 134 mins

   Sunday 1st October

 Shark Bait (파이 스토리) (2006) TIme: 10:15
Directors: Howard Baker (하워드 베이커), John Fox (존 폭스) and Lee Kyoung-ho (이경호)
Starring:  Kim Hyung-joon (김형준) Park Myeong-soo (박명수)
 & Im Chae-moo (임채무)
Duration: 78 mins

Firecracker Film Festival, London.  14 September - 24 September 2006

Tiger Eye Firecracker Showcase

Festival Info

Firecraker have released the details of what films are showing, where and when for this years festival in London. There is a variety of films from all parts of Asia ranging from the Phililpines to China and of course, S Korea. 

The Korean films on show are as follows;

Guns and Talks (킬러들의 수다)  (2001) Jang Jin (장진)  -  UK Premiere.

Director and Writer:
Jang Jin (장진)
Shin Hyeon-joon (신현준), Sin Ha-gyoon (신하균),  Won Bin (원빈), Jeong Jae-yeong (정재영), Jeong Jin-yeong (정진영), Ryoo Seung-beom (류승범) &  Oh Seung-hyeon (오승현)
: 120 mins

Dates & Times
Monday September 18, 4:00pm, Curzon Soho
Friday September 22, 6:45pm, Renoir

Peppermint Candy (박하사탕) (1999) Lee Chang-Dong.(이창동)

Director & Writer:
Lee Chang-dong (이창동)
Seol Kyeong-gu (설경구), Moon So-ri (문소리), Kim Yeo-jin (김여진), Seo Jeong (서정), Ko Seo-hee (고서희) & Lee Dae-yeon (이대연)
Duration: 129 mins

Dates & TImes
Tuesday September 19, 4:00pm, Curzon Mayfair
Saturday September 23, 6:30pm, Renoir

The Bow (활) (2005) Kim Ki-Duk (김기덕)

Director and Writer:
Kim Ki-duk (김기덕)
Jeon Seong-hwan (전성환),  Han Yeo-reum (한여름), Seo Ji-seok (서지석) & Kim Ik-tae (김익태)
90 mins

Date & Time
Wednesday September 20, 9:15pm, Curzon Mayfair

The Host (괴물) (2006) Bong Joon-ho (봉준호)

Bong Joon-ho (봉준호)
Bong Joon-ho (봉준호) & Baek Cheol-hyeon (백철현)
Starring:  Song Kang-ho (송강호), Byeon Hee-bong (변희봉),  Park Hae-il (박해일), Bae Doona (배두나),  Ko Ah-seong (고아성), Oh Dal-soo (오달수),  Lee Jae-eung (이재응) &  Lee Dong-ho (이동호)
Duration: 119mins

Date & Time

Friday September 22, 9:00pm, Renoir

There may only be four films, but it is not always about quantity, rather and more importantly it is  about quality.  The highlight for me is Peppermint Candy, which is arguably one of the finest films to come out of Korea, but you have also got the likes of Kim Ki-duk with The Bow as well as Guns and Talks, which sees its UK Premiere. And let's not forget The Host, which sees its screening on the 22nd.

It is also important to mention that this festival is organized by Nick North and Erika Franklin, who are both wonderful. When I attended last years festival I was pleasently blown away by their warmth and hospitailty, despite being tied up with the logistics of running a festival. They have a great passion for Korean cinema and it is wonderfully expressed in great events and superb reviews. I have no doubt that this event will be great so please buy a ticket and see you there! More info on their website.

Where to find The Host.

Last night saw the UK Premiere of The Host in Edinburgh. Though I think the night before saw the actual premiere alongside Bong Joon-ho himself. But unfortunately this was exclusive to the press. There Press policy is longwinded so I decided to wait for London's screening. Although there are rumours that he is to attend the screening, I think it is very unlikley. But as always I will let you know if I have any more info.

As expected Friday's showing is now SOLD OUT. However there are limited seats available for the frightfest screening in the West end on Monday 28th August at 9pm. You can book your ticket at the Odeon's website. So hurrry!

On another note, one of the team from the New York Korean Film Festival has put a post on my message board, so please click here if you are interested in going or want to know more.

Red Shoes is to be screened at the Edinbugh Film Festival.

It has just come to my attention that The Red Shoes ( 분홍신) directed by  Kim Yong-gyoon (김용균), starring  Kim Hye-soo (김혜수), Kim Sung-soo (김성수), Go Soo-hee (고수희) ,Lee Eol (이얼), and  Jeon Hanssen (전헌태) is to be shown at this years festival.  reasonably well recieved, it is loosely based on the Michael Powell's film, Red Shoes,  though I think it is a little more sinister. The film will be screened 18th  AUG at 23:45 and 19th AUG 12:30.

It is also worth mentioning The Host' first screening  is SOLD OUT, however, the second screening, which takes places on the Friday 18th August at 5pm still has tickets available.

More info on their website: www.edfilmfest.org.uk

Firecracker Film Festival.....Sept 2006 Central London

It was a fantastic film festival last year with a whole range of Korean films, ranging from Green Fish to Samaritan Girl. Korean films are on the agenda this year, though this is subject to confirmation. You can access their website to get more information on their past festivals/screenings or pop into one of the idependent cinemas in Central London (Prince Charles Cinema) and pick up one of their free magazines to get  a little bit of info about this years festival. The magazine also has an extremely compelling interview with Kim ki-duk, which may answer some questions you have about his unconventional mehods.  As always, when I have more info I will let you know.

Website: http://www.firecracker-magazine.com/

Frightfest continued .....

Apparently, though it has yet to be confirmed that Bong Joon-ho will attend the screening. Please don't quote me on this, but this is what was written on twitch.net.

They have also moved the screening to an earlier date, but as of yet there is not date confirmed. I imagine it will be one of the evenings of  Thursday 24th August to Monday the 28th August.

I will let you know more info when I know more.

website: frightfest

Frightfest, London 2006 -  The Host comes to London.

The Host's first stop is in Edinburgh, but thanks to the Frightfest team, you can see it in Leicester Square on the 28th August (Monday) at 9pm, which is a week later. It is their closing film and inevitably ticket sales will go through the roof.

At present you can purchase a weekend ticket for £140, which will allow to see a whole range of films during the weekend. You can purchase it online at www.odeon.co.uk or call their call centre  on 0871 22 44 007. Alternatively you can purchase a ticket from the same website and phone number from the 1st August at 11am for £11. Since it is the Odeon West End, unfortunately there will be no concessions. The organisers do stress, that due to the increasing cost of the venue, they have had to incease admission tickets/passes.

I am guessing it will sell out shortly after the 1st, so I would put the date in your diary and pucrhase your hot ticket.

Further information is on their website: frightfest

See you there!

Edinburgh Film Festival - Premiere of The Host

OK it is offiicial, The Host will see its UK Premiere at the Edinburgh film festival this year. Screenings will take place on 16th and 18th August. You can book tickets now, but remember they will go so if you intend to go you better hurry and get your tickets.

There are also two more Korean films on show; April Snow (17th and 19th August) and Sunday's in August (20th and 22nd August).

You can book tickets on their website: www.edfilmfest.org.uk

At present they have tickets available (20th July)

New York Film Festival Line up....

The line up for the New York Korean film festival has been uploaded. For those who are able to get to New York next month - you are very lucky, it is a very tasty line up.

I have copied a post one of the organisers has put on Darcy's website. You can find more info from the link below.

There is a wide range of films, old and new.

Rules of Dating is very interesting and unconventional with great acting from the leads; Park Hae-il and Kang Hye-Jung. Murder Take one is meant to be solid and I have heard good things about Wedding Campaign and When Destiny Meets Romance.

If there is one film that I would say is disappointing, I would say, My Scary Girl. Although it is very funny in places (the scene about cyworld is hilarious as is the purchase of the Kimchi Fridge), due to the hype and the fact that it did so well in Korea earlier on this year I was expecting something special, but it is nothing of the sort. The poor subtitles didn't help either. I have told CJ Entertainment and they are doing their up most to sort out the problem. It is not just My Scary Girl - many of the films at the London Korean Film Festival had very poor subtitles.  My Korean is limited, but some of the limited Korean I do know didn't really translate into what was written on the screen. Meeyeon agreed.  Anyway, that said, I am sure the subtitles will be much better.

Jeong Jae-Eun's latest film The Aggressives looks very interesting. I am not really familiar with it, but her film, Take Care of My Cat is one of the finest film's to emerge out of Korea. Her ability and courage to tackle feminist issues in a society dominated by men is inspiring.

Meanwhile the other films on the agenda are definitely worth seeing. It is a real shame I can't make it, but those who do, enjoy it.

New York Korean Film Festival 2006
Theaters: The Imaginasian (Fri, Aug 25 - Thu, Aug31, 2006)
BAM Rose Cinema (Fri, Sep 1 - Sun, Sept 3, 2006)

List of Films

Forbidden Quest (Eumran Seosaeng, 2006)
Dir: Kim Dae-Wu
Cast: Han Suk-Kyu (Shiri, Christmas in August)
Kim Min-Jung (L'avri, Flying Boys)

Grain in Ear (Mang Jong, 2005)
Dir: Jang Ryul
Cast: Ryoo Yeon-Hee, Kim Bak

Holiday (2006)
Dir: Yang Yun Ho
Cast: Lee Seong-Jae (Attack the Gas Station, Dance in the Wind)
Choi Min-Soo (Terrorist, Yesterday)

Murder Take One, aka The Big Scene (Paksuchil TTae Tteonara, 2005)
Dir: Jang Jin (Guns and Talks, Someone Special)
Cast: Cha Seung-Won (Blood Rain, Kick The Moon)
Shin Ha-Gyoon (JSA, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Guns and Talks)

My Scary Girl (Dalcom, Salbeolhan Yeonin, 2006)
Dir: Son Jae-Gon
Cast: Park Yong-Woo (Blood Rain)
Choi Kang-Hee (Whisperring Corridor)

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006, animation)
Dir: Tommy Yune and Dong-Wook Lee
Cast: Mark Hamil, Richard Epcar, Greg Snegoff and Tony Oliver

Rules of Dating (Yonaeui Mokjok, 2005)
Dir: Han Jae-Rim
Cast: Park Hae-Il (Jealousy is My Middlename, Memories of Murder)
Kang Hye-Jung (Oldboy, Welcome to Dongmakgol)

Shin Sung-Il Is Lost (Shing Sung-Ilui Haengbangbulmyung, 2005)
Dir: Sin Jae-In
Cast: Jo Hyeon-sik, Ye Soo-jeong, Woo Joon-yeong, Moon Seul-ye

The Aggressives (Taepung Taeyang, 2005)
Dir: Jeong Jae-Eun (Take Care of My Cat)
Cast: Kim Kang-woo, Cheon Jeong-myeong, Lee Cheon-hee, Jo I-jin, On Joo-wan, Kim Sang-hyeok, Lee joo-seok

This Charming Girl (Yeoja JeongHye, 2004)
Dir: Lee Yoon-Ki
Cast: Kim Ji-Su, Hwang Jeong-Min

Wedding Campaign (Naui Kyulhon Wonjeongki, 2005)
Dir: Hwang Byeong-Guk
Cast: Jung Jae-young Jung (Someone Special, Welcome to Dongmakgol)
Soo Ae (Family), Evangenia Park and Vera Popok

When Destiny Meets Romance (Kwangshiki Dongsaeng Kwangtae, 2005)
Dir: Kim Hyeon-seok
Cast: Kim Joo-hyeok (Mr. Handy, Singles)
Bong Tae-gyu A Good Lawyer's Wife)
Lee Yo-won (Take Care of My Cat)

******Special Event: Lee Man-Hee Retrospective******

Place: BAM Rose Cinema, Brooklyn
Time: Wed, Aug 30 - Thur, Aug 31, 2006.

1. A Way to Sampo (Sampo Kaneukil, 1975)

Cast: Baek Il-Seop, Mun Suk and Kim Jin-Gyu

2. Water Mill (Mulebangah, 1966)
Cast: Shin Yeong-Gyun, Go Eun-Ah and Heo Jang-Gang

3. A Road to Return (Kwiro, 1967)
Cast: Kim Jin-Gyu, Mun Jeong-Suk and Jeon Gye-Hyeon

4. Devil¡¯s Stairway (Akmaui Kyedan, 1964)
Cast: Mun Jeong-Suk, Kim Jin-Gyu and Bang Seong-Ja

For more Information

Edinburgh Film Festival (14th - 27th August 2006)

Arguably one of the most influential film festivals in Europe, Edinburgh attracts films all over the world. It not only includes screenings, but also film premieres and masterclasses. The films have yet to be announced, however, I have heard Korean films are on the agenda. Once I know, I will inform you.

Booking opens on July 14th 2006 and you can book online, over the telephone, or at the EIFF Box office. I suggest you book as soon as soon as the tickets become available as tickets go very quickly.

More information is available on their website and once I hear more relevent info (film Schedule), I will let you know.

Website: www.edfilmfest.org.uk

New York Korean Film Festival (August 25th - September 3rd 2006) at The ImaginAsian theatre, Manhattan and BAM Rose cinemas in Brooklyn.

Since many people compare life in London to life in New York, it is only fair I that I let you guys know about the film festival in New York. In its 5th year - 1 year ahead of London and with its central location it will no doubt attract the New Yorkers. The U.S is yet to really catch on to the Korean film fever like the UK or Europe for that matter, but interest is certainly growing.

Films are yet to be announced, but I am sure it will screen some of the most promising films of the last year or so.

Sponsored by Samsung and organised by the Korea society - does it sound familier?

I am not sure I can make it, but I know many UK citizens venture off to the US in the summer, so if you are in the area, you might want to check it out. More details are found on their website. www.koreanfilmfestival.org