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This catalog is intended primarily for the whitewater boatbuilder, although it will also be useful to others who fabricate advanced or impact-resistant composites.  The price list describes the Kevlar (tm, DuPont) and S-glass reinforcement fabrics available.

What we sell are manufacturer's over runs and seconds.  This industrial grade or surplus fabric, can be sold to you at a lower cost, than the same fabric from one of the major weavers.  I check all yardage and will let you know of any problems before I ship to you.  If there are defects, they are usually small and not a problem.  Since we sell surplus, I don't always have all Kevlar styles and widths available.  At this time we have  285-38 4H satin Kevlar fabrics.

ACF is run as a family business and we normally will ship the next day.   But there are times, especially in the summer, when I can be gone for weeks at a time.  I will post as early as possible what times our office will be closed.



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Last updated June 23, 2004