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Monique Alexander aka: Monique
Monique Alexander†-†aka: Monique
Vivid Girl
Weight: 101 lbs.
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Meas: 34B-22-32
Hair Color: Blonde
Ethnicity: White
Years Active: 2001 - Present
Average Rating: 4.68 out of 5 - 137 Ratings
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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Interview Date: 4/28/2002
Monique Alexander is the incredibly vivacious and spirited new Sin City contract girl, and I had a ball interviewing her in the back of Jessica Drakeís truck. While taking five from her first starring role (in Michael Ravenís Girl Talk), Monique talked to me about her love of hip hop, her desire for attention, and her life as a ďjibblebugĒ. Monique came across as the most sweet and innocent pornstar Iíve ever met, a form of cultural dissonance that certainly makes her one of the most intriguing new players in the industry. Monique clearly asserts unconditional love for her fans, so make her day by sending her fan mail, or better yet a birthday card. If you see her in person at a signing or promotion, definitely ask for an autograph, but donít try and impress her with your knowledge of NWA lyrics, this new schooler thinks Dre is just too damn old... go figure, she was seven years old when Straight Outta Compton came out. (4/28/02)
Interviewed by Matt Peri
Q: What CD do you have in your CD player?
Monique Alexander: I have a six disc player... hmm, what do I have in there right now?... Faith Evans, Janet Jackson, Nasó

Q: Ahh, the new Nas?
Monique Alexander: Yeah... and the R Kelly and Jay-Z CD and I have a techno-dance beats CD.

Q: You like hip hop, huh?
Monique Alexander: Yeah.

Q: Cool. So where did you grow up?
Monique Alexander: Sacramento.

Q: Oh, when did you move down here?
Monique Alexander: I donít live down here, I actually still live up north.

Q: You commute?
Monique Alexander: Yeah.

Q: Interesting. How often do you come down?
Monique Alexander: Right now Iíve been down here for 2 weeks. I usually go home for a week or two. I try to go home for two weeks but it never really happens.

Q: You drive up and down?
Monique Alexander: Yep, I drive.

Q: So how did you get started in the porn industry?
Monique Alexander: I worked at an auto body shop as a receptionist and I was dancing...

Q: In Sacramento?
Monique Alexander: Yeah. I quit the auto body shop the day before my 19th birthday and two weeks later an agent came into my club and said ďHey, I can get you in this magazineÖdo you wanna try it?Ē And I was like ďIíll try it.Ē I tried it and I liked it and Iíve been here ever since.

Q: Tell me about the contract with Sin City. What does it entail? How many movies, etc.
Monique Alexander: I signed it in December and it goes until December. I believe I get four feature movies and I have to do so many scenes... something like that.

Q: Could you tell me about this movie youíre doing right now?
Monique Alexander: Itís called Girl Talk and what itís about is that my rich uncle dies and he leaves me all this money and I buy a nice house and a nice car and then I buy a beauty salon. And I think I call it ďGirl TalkĒ.
Jessica Drake : And then she has sex with everyone.

Q: Do you have sex with them while you cut their hair or do you not cut their hair at all?
Monique Alexander: I have sex with my employees.

Q: Ok, not customers. Thereís no crossover with employees?
Monique Alexander: Thereís the one girl... yeah, I do have sex with one customer. But I think sheís kind of a friend, too. I think it all plays outs.

Q: And did Michael Raven write the script?
Jessica Drake : It was written in part by Louis Cypher and Michael Raven, based on a story by Michael Raven.

Q: Whatís it like working with Michael Raven?
Monique Alexander: Heís great. Heís an awesome director. Itís exciting because yíknow, heís Michael Raven. People are gonna be interested anyway because of him. Theyíll be like, ďOh itís a Michael Raven film.Ē Which is good for me because then people will want to see it. Iím getting kind of lucky. Itís exciting. Heís a great person. Heís a lot of fun to work with.

Q: How is it with your family?
Monique Alexander: My family? Like, do they know?

Q: Yeah.
Monique Alexander: I donít talk to my father, but my mother does know what Iím doing. She doesnít approve of it, but sheís behind me in whatever I do.

Q: Does she live in Sacramento?
Monique Alexander: Yeah.

Q: So she doesnít approve, but...
Monique Alexander: She supports me.

Q: Thatís cool.
Monique Alexander: She doesnít tell me, ďMonique donít do this or donít do that.Ē Sheís like, ďOkay, youíre grown. Youíre a big girl. If youíre happy then go for it.Ē

Q: And your dad doesnít know... or you donít know your dad?
Monique Alexander: I donít speak to him. I donít think he knows... not to my knowledge.

Q: Would that be weird if he found out?
Monique Alexander: I really donít know... I donít talk to him, so to me it would be nothing. I guess the only way he would find out is maybe seeing it.

Q: Oh yeah, thatís kind of weird.
Monique Alexander: Uh, yeah thatís kind of...

Q: So you were dancing in Sacramento while working at the body shop?
Monique Alexander: Uh huh.

Q: Howíd you get started dancing?
Monique Alexander: Well I always wanted to be a stripper. When I was seventeen I would walk around telling people ďWhen I turn eighteen Iím gonna be a stripper!Ē I thought it would be fun. Then I didnít do it because I was in a relationship and I didnít feel it was right to put the guy I was with through that. So I didnít do that to him. I got out of that relationship and, we had been living together, and I moved out on my own and you canít live off eight dollars an hour with a car payment and trying to live in an apartment. I wanted to dance anyway so it just kinda pushed me a little bit further like hereís your opportunity and so I did it, and I miss it. I donít do it right now. I donít feature yet, Iím waiting to get a bigger name. But I canít wait because I absolutely love to dance.

Q: So you like dancing differently than you like doing the movies?
Monique Alexander: Itís different. I love to dance. If I could dance every minute of the day every day for the rest of my life Iíd be so happy. If you ask anybody, Iím the little ďjibblebugĒ. Iím always bobbing my head or dancing or singing. I like it. Itís fun.

Q: So howís it different doing that... where the audience is live as opposed to seeing it later on TV.
Monique Alexander: Oh thatís so much more fun. Because you get all this attention. I like attention. Thatís probably why I like being a stripper, because all eyes are on you.

Q: So itís that live energy?
Monique Alexander: Yeah, itís such a high. Like at the adult show this year, in January, it was just such a high having all those people there. And I was like ďNobodyís gonna come up to me, theyíre not gonna know who I am yet, nobodyís gonna want me to sign for themĒ and when I actually had people, I was like ecstatic. I was like ďOhmigod!Ē I felt so special. Itís such a high.

Q: Do you ever get recognized on the street?
Monique Alexander: No, Iím still pretty new though. Iím astonished when I get fan mail. Iím like ďOhmigod, I have a fan!Ē Itís so amazing to me. Iím like ďOh, they like me!Ē Itís very shocking.

Q: Do you have other aspirations outside of this, or is it just dancing and adult movies?
Monique Alexander: Well, I do mainstream stuff too. Iím just happy with what Iím doing, I love what Iím doing. I donít really have any goals. Everybody wants to be famous and wants people to know who they are, but if that doesnít happen Iím not gonna sit and cry about it. Iím just lucky that I even get to do something like this. Iím only nineteen years old and I make more money than some parents.

Q: Is the money a main draw? I know a lot of people who get started dancing because the money is so good.
Monique Alexander: Yeah.

Q: Öand then once they were doing it their lifestyle changed so much that they couldnít go back.
Monique Alexander: Well, Iím not one of those people who did it because I had to or for the money. I did it because I thought it would be fun. And thatís why I do this, because itís fun and I like to do it. I donít do it because the moneyís good, I mean donít get me wrongóthe moneyís greatóbut even if the money wasnít great I would still do it. Itís just fun. I get to have sex with beautiful people and get paid for it.

Q: So is it not business for you? When you get up there with someone to do the scene?
Monique Alexander: No, itís fun. I love it. Itís always somebody new. And I get to work with Jessica a lot, which is wonderful. Itís great. No itís not really business at all, itís more fun for me.

Q: You just sit around and listen to hip hop huh?
Monique Alexander: Yeah. Did you know Dr Dre isnít gonna put out any more solo albums?

Q: He just did that ďdisĒ track... what heíll only produce now?
Monique Alexander: Yeah, heíll appear on other peopleís albums, but heís not gonna put out his own albums anymore. Did you know heís like forty-something?

Q: Well, yeah, NWA was ages ago...
Monique Alexander: Yeah, but heís Dr Dre... how old is Snoop?

Q: Snoop is younger than Dre, I think I heard that heís like 38?
Monique Alexander: Ohmigod, that is so weird.

Q: Well, nineteen is pretty much younger than just about everyone, next to you anybody would seem old.
Monique Alexander: Yeah, I guess.

Q: Anything else you want to tell the world, besides just to love you?
Monique Alexander: Thank you for being there, for being my fans, youíve made me who I am. Thank you.

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