Explore energy efficiency possibilities in various industries with world-class energy expert Amory Lovins in a one-of-a-kind lecture series.

This series was sponsored by MAP as part of its commitment to fostering sustainable energy education.

In 2001, MAP and Michael and Diane Ming made a five-year pledge to co-fund the MAP/Ming Visiting Professorship for Energy and the Environment at Stanford University. Through this initiative, leading professionals shared their expertise in the field of energy and the environment with tomorrow’s inventors, policy makers, educators, and leaders. Amory Lovins, co-founder of Rocky Mountain Institute, was the fifth and final MAP/Ming Visiting Professor.

Mr. Lovins brings a longstanding commitment to energy efficiency and the relentless pursuit of environmentally sound energy habits and design standards. Mr. Lovins opened his academic program to the broader community with this public lecture series, which describes how to achieve much bigger and cheaper energy savings than are normally assumed possible.

In the spirit of information exchange, we invite you to share these lectures with your friends. Be a part of preserving our environment for future generations.

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