AMR-WB (G.722.2)
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The VoiceAge research team stands among the inventors of the majority of the international communication low bit rate compression standards that have been adopted in the past ten years.

Our engineers invented the internationally recognized ACELP® technology platform, the patented core audio codec technology present in more than 15 telecommunication standards, notably: GSM EFR (ETSI), PCS 1900, IS-136 (TIA, North American TDMA), IS-95 (TIA, North American CDMA), TETRA (ETSI), G.729 (ITU-T), G.723.1 (ITU-T), AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) narrowband (ETSI and 3GPP), AMR-WB (3GPP), G.722.2 (ITU-T), MPEG-4 CELP Audio (ISO), PDC-EFR (ARIB-Japan), VMR-WB (3GPP2) and most recently AMR-WB+ (3GPP).

Click here for a graphical view of the many international codec standards based on our ACELP® technology platform.

ACELP® technology is deployed in more than two billion mobile handsets — 93% of digital cellular phones worldwide. In addition, since 1994 ACELP® has become a de facto standard for voice applications on the Internet (present on over 500 million PCs worldwide) and has been integrated by companies such as Microsoft, RealNetworks, and Apple into their Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and QuickTime Player products, respectively.

The pages in this section introduce some of the leading-edge codecs based on our ACELP® technology platform. To find out more about a codec, follow the link in the menu on the left.