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Student Success Stories - Tania Papayannopoulou

Tania studied piano with Morton Estrin throughout her undergraduate years at Hofstra University, and has since gone on to great success in her career.Tania has this to say about her teacher:"I met Professor Estrin in September of 1995 when I first came to New York from Greece to study music performance and music education. The first impression I had was that he had the lowest voice I had ever heard in person, and that he was a very sweet and caring teacher. I felt really lucky from the beginning because Professor Estrin inspired me and motivated me to play music better. He taught me how to give meaning to each note and how to make each passage come alive and caress the listener's ear. Professor Estrin and his wife Roberta have always been there for me since then. They are my American family and I consider them the most wonderful, giving, and loyal friends I met since I came to this country.

Tania Papayannopoulou, native of Greece, is a pianist and a music educator. She received her diploma in piano from the National Conservatory of Athens, Greece.Ms. Papayannopoulou has a Master of Arts in Music and Music Education, and a Master of Education in Music from Teachers College Columbia University. She has taught at the Hollingworth Preschool, and has been a teaching artist of the Creative Arts Laboratory at Teachers College. She has coordinated the Professional Applied Music Program and has taught piano in the Music Department at Teachers College. Ms. Papayannopoulou has been on the Faculty of the Eastern Conservatory of Music and Arts, the Piano School of New York City, and has taught at the Preparatory Division of Mannes College of Music.

Ms. Papayannopoulou performs in New York with chamber ensembles, and is a vocal accompanist. She sings with the Metropolitan Singers of the Greek Choral Society, and the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York. Ms. Papayannopoulou currently teaches piano at her Studio in New York City and is pursuing a Graduate Degree in Music Psychotherapy at New York University while working at the Institute of Music and Neurologic Function at Beth Abraham Health Services.