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Edinburgh Evening News Wed 9 Aug 2006

Blair's birthplace is bulldozed in Edinburgh

THE building where Prime Minister Tony Blair was born in Edinburgh has been demolished to make way for a massive new housing development.

Developers said today that they had bulldozed the Queen Mary Maternity Home, once an overspill unit for the Simpson's, over the last two weekends as builders set about creating the 19-acre Quartermile development of homes, shops and offices on the old infirmary site.

The Labour leader was born Anthony Charles Lynton Blair at 6.10am on May 6, 1953, in the Lauriston Place building.

His father was a junior tax inspector who spent his evenings and weekends at the family home in Willowbrae studying for a law degree from Edinburgh University.

The young Tony Blair lived in the two-bedroom semi-detached house at 5 Paisley Terrace with his parents, Leo and Hazel, and his older brother Bill, until he was 19 months old.

The Blairs sold the bungalow in late 1954, when the family emigrated to Australia, where Leo had been offered a lecturing job in Adelaide.

Starting off life as a nursing home in 1913, the Queen Mary building offered beds for women of limited means and accommodation for staff.

In 1958, it reopened as the Queen Mary Maternity Home, a place where patients could pay a fee to be attended there by their own doctor.

The building finally ended its active hospital role in 1973, later becoming part of the South Lothian College of Nursing and Midwifery.

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1. Roland, Ghana / 10:33pm 9 Aug 2006

So Bambi went Oz, can we now assume he and Cherry will now emigrate to the US in order to earn fortunes on the lecture circuit, which of course was the prime motivation for currying favour with Bush in terms of Iraq. It seems unfair that so many good and loyal soldiers had to die in order to bolster the Blair pension fund. But then if you are PM who cares, they are only cannon fodder, and I'm alright Jack.

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2. Darren, Edinburgh / 12:14am 10 Aug 2006

soldiers signed to the army knowing they could die in combat - why the bad about bush?

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3. sneaky squirrel, edin / 4:53am 10 Aug 2006

shame the bulldozer cant carry straight on to No.10 and 11....

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