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MirandaQQ (libeva Version)

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Date added05/06/2005 01:04:18
Date updated11/03/2006 09:28:52
RequirementsMiranda 0.4+
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
Source code0.1.0.26 - Download (668.29KBytes)

MirandaQQ is an implementation of the QQ protocol by Tencent, using the libeva library developed by Yunfan (

The libeva version of MirandaQQ plugin uses QQ2005(beta2) protocol, with supports for both UDP, TCP and TCP Proxy connection.

Tested supporting QQ clients include:
- Original QQ (Simplified/Traditional Chinese) Client
- YamQQ Client (Taiwan, QQ2004II Clone)
- HGCQQ Client (Hong Kong, QQ2004II Clone)

Current implemented functions include:
- Connection to QQ server by UDP, TCP, HTTP Proxy and SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy
- Sending/Receiving IM
- Contact list synchronization with server
- QQ Qun Support (You need to add QQ Qun to contact list by Find/Add function)
- QQ Show and Head Image support (User-defined head image supported)
- Viewing user information
- IEView BBCode support for Qun Image Preview

For beta release, please visit .

For connection to South Africa QQ server, please use the old Miranda(OpenQ) plugin, which is located at (However, sorry that the OpenQ version of MirandaQQ plugin is no longer maintained because Tencent abandoned the QQ2003 protocol in China server)

For bug report and questions, please join QQ Qun 2571213 or contact developer via MSN/QQ.

*** If you experience crash when a Qun is being loaded, please go offline first, then go to Options and disable chat.dll support to use SRMM for Qun message instead.

(Simplified Chinese)
MirandaQQ 是对腾讯 QQ 协议的实作,使用由云帆所开发的 libeva 库(。

libeva 版本的 MirandaQQ 插件使用 QQ2005(beta2) 协议,支持 UDP、TCP 及 TCP 代理连接。

已测试支持的 QQ 网络包括:
- 原版 QQ (简体/繁体中文)
- YamQQ (台湾,QQ2004II)
- HGCQQ (香港,QQ2004II)

- 以 UDP、TCP、HTTP 代理或 SOCKS4/SOCKS5 代理连接到 QQ 服务器
- 传送/接收文字消息
- 与服务器进行联系人列表同步(仅下载)
- QQ 群支持(你需要利用寻找/加入用户功能把 QQ 群加到联系人列表)
- QQ 秀及头像支持(也支持自定义头像)
- 查看用户信息
- IEView BBCode 支持查看群图片


・若要连接到南非 QQ 服务器,请使用旧的 Miranda(OpenQ) 插件,下载页在 (但很抱歉,OpenQ 版本的 MirandaQQ 插件已不再维护,因为腾讯己在中国服务器放弃 QQ2003 协议)


*** 如果你遇到在加载群时崩溃的问题,请先把协议离线,然后在选项里打开「群消息禁用 chat.dll 支持而使用 SRMM 代替」。

Latest Change(s) - Full Changelog

- Fixed possible crash when receiving temporary session messages