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A true blooded “anac ti Batac”, Gregorio Aglipay was born on May 5, 1860 in Batac, Ilocos Norte and died on September 1, 1940.   He was made a Mason on May 3, 1918 at Magdalo Lodge 31 in Cavite, now called Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Lodge No. 31.  Jailed in his early childhood together with his uncle for their failure to produce the required tobacco harvest as required by government monopoly, his seething hatred against tyranny was nurtured starting from his youthful years.   

     He studied at San Juan de Letran, and upon the advice of Rizal discarded his law studies and entered the seminary in Vigan where he was ordained Catholic priest in 1890. 
     He joined the Philippine Revolution at its late stage. Joining Aguinaldo’s libertarian movement as a priest, he was excommunicated by Archbishop Nozaleda on May 4, 1899. He was later appointed Military Vicar by General Aguinaldo with special duties to win adherents in the heartland of Ilocandia.

     He became a member of the Malolos Congress and was a signatory to the Malolos Constitution. At the close of the Filipino-American war, Isabelo de los Reyes founded the “Iglesia  Filipina Independiente”  and convinced Aglipay to be its “Obispo Maximo.”

     A revolutionary priest and soldier, Aglipay is ranked among the unsung frontliners of the Filipino patriots.