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The results of a circle hook capture (Click for larger image.)

Circle hooks set in the lip of 93 percent of black jewfish examined, with the remainder setting within the throat. Circle hooks are easy to remove due to the location they set and their unique design which allows the hook to be freed with a single, circular motion. These hooks help minimise handling time.

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Tales from the Tinny Podcast sep 1st 07
The definitive word on catching Jewfish and their likelihood of survival. Some really useful tips from the experts. This weeks podcast.

Jew fish autopsy
Barotrauma - a scientific word for squashed insides. | Michael Phelan

100% of Jew fish landed from water 15 to 20 meters deep have life-threatening injuries. Official Barotrauma results.

Dave Gardiner makes one last appearance as tinny co host this week. Shoal Bay barra, Gove tuna and Dundee pelagics are all on the agenda. But the big news coming from this week is the official results from the fisheries departmentís barotrauma findings, and the results are not good for Jew fish.

Barotrauma is physical damage caused by a significant change in atmospheric pressure. In the case of fish; caused by the rapid or extreme accent to the surface when landed.

Autopsies on 108 fish were undertaken to identify external and internal effects of barotrauma.

The results demonstrate black jewfish are highly susceptible to barotrauma, showing a range of effects including; haemorrhaging and exophthalmos (protrusion) of eyes, hyperinflation or rupturing of the swim bladder, displacement and damage to visceral organs most notably the stomach and liver, and damage to the circulatory system.

They recommend fishers who wish to catch and release black jewfish should:

1. Use large circle hooks

2. Fish as shallow as possible

3. Do not return a jewfish with an everted stomach

(Barotrauma notes and recommendations taken from official media release)

Science aside, Dave Gardiner once again steps onto the casting platform of the tinny this week and sheds some insight. One such piece of golden advice was in regards to probably the hardest thing to do in the fishing universe. Predicting where the tuna are going to pop up next.

"Get 100 meters in front of them, donít turn off your motor but keep it in idle, wait until they are feeding around your boat, then make your cast"

Dave also gives us some great oil on how to fish the Shoal Bay low tide holes. Warren De With also puts his 2 cents in on the subject of fishing, Peter Cox gives us some great advice on how to find warmer water Macks, and Rob Smith makes a special appearance at the death.

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Last Updated: 1/09/2007 9:24:14 PM

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