About the SA

Made up of three branches, The George Washington University Student Association (SA) deals with many diverse student issues with one unified goal- to better the student body of the University and the surrounding Community and to advocate on behalf of the students that attend this vibrant University…

It all starts off at the Executive Branch, which is led by President Nicole Capp, and as a whole creates and works on initiatives to better the undergraduate and graduate population of The George Washington University.

Next up is the Legislative Branch. It’s led on a daily basis by the President of the Senate, Executive Vice-President Brand Kroeger. The Senate is the legislative branch of the Student Association and is the branch that appropriates all funds to all student organizations and forms all rules governing all aspects of the Student Association.

Last but not least the Student Association works with the Judicial Branch. This branch is made up of four judges and one Chief Judge and represents the Student Court of the University. Under the rule of Chief Judge Ryan Sullivan, the court deals with issues of impeachment, constitutionality, and many more.