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[update 11/14/05]_______/PSEUDOGRAINS_V1.08/

Pseudograins is a bizarre little sample mangler. In a sense it is a pseudo granulator with a built in hex based step sequencer. It's for dorks like me, who enjoy seeing what happens when you experiment!

[updated link PC/OS-X]______/SENDERELLA_v1.08/

Senderella can transmit stereo/mono signals from one instance to another. Use it as a send in hosts that do not provide proper sends, or for feedback loops in modular hosts that do not support them.


TrackPAD is a virtual "Sticky / Post-It" for tracktion. You can type any notes you have and store them with your song. Supports up to 4096 characters, undo/redo, copy/paste, loads current T2 colour scheme. WIN/OSX versions + source included!


Tackybrowser is a simple VST based file browser. It has sample preview functionality, and provides six slots for storing your favorite directories. Easy to use, and a nice addition to a host like Tracktion.


Konstrux is a series of low level components for use with tracktion's rack filters. These components can be assembled to create weird modular sampler loopers and loop granualizers, plus other oddities.


Tackywrapper is a file browser. What makes it special if the fact that is wraps itself around tracktion in a manner which is rather seemless. It will not be developed any further due to the new Tackybrowser!


GetOut is a hacked version of senderella which utilizes multiple inputs and Tracktion's patch bay filter to make multiple outs a realityl. Tracktion's rack filters pretty much make this obsolite.


CC-Rider has two funtions. It can use VST automation parameters to transmit Midi-CC's. It can also record midi-CC's to create VST automation curves. This is particularly useful in Tracktion, who's CC editing is less than ideal.


Stepchild is a simple VST based 32 step sequencer. It gives you control over a bank of 12 notes. Notes can be assigned individually, as well as midi channels.