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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


‘Lebanon is a cursed country that needs help’

By Fouad Siniora, Prime Minister, Lebanon

(Exerpts from the statement addressed to the Lebanese people on July 17, 2006.)

AS we were preparing for a new phase of reform and development, here we are again facing Israeli attacks that have killed civilians, destroyed the country’s roads and airport, hit its main ports and violated Lebanon’s sovereignty and its citizens’ rights and dignity. Nothing is stopping this criminal war machine from murdering our people and leaving them homeless.

The fourth day of this aggressive war saw the destruction of many civilian locations and acts of murder in the South, the Nort and the Bekan. This machine of war and destruction is targeting our cities and villages.

As much as we are suffering, we are determined to concentate all our efforts on saving the country. In these dark days, I am thinking of each one of you. I am thinking of the children who are in the shelters or who have lost a mother, a father, a brother or a sister. I am thinking of the mothers, the elderly and the wounded. I am thinking of those who have nowhere to go and those who are trying to escape but Israel’s attacks follow them everywhere. I am thinking of the children, women and elderly of the towns of Marwahin, Doueir and Bayada who were murdered by the Israelis while they were trying to escape the raids.

Lebanon’s wound bled during the catastrophe in our beloved Palestine and it is bleeding again with these continuous attacks.

What is happening today pushes us more than ever to be united in order to preserve Lebanon’s safety, sovereignty and independence and the dignity of its citizens.

This war has surpassed the issue of the detainees; it is now the cause of a people whose territory and security is being violated by Israel for unjustified reasons. Israel is imposing a collective punishment that does not have any moral or legal legitimacy. Our country today is facing one of the fiercest attacks that has ever been witnessed by any country or any people in the world.

The government has stated that it was not aware of what was to take place, does not adopt the operation carried out by Hezbullah to capture the two Israeli soldiers and does not endorse Hezbullah actions, Israel has no right to devastate Lebanon, render its citizens homeless and destroy its ports. This makes us more dedicated than ever to adhere to the government’s sole right to protect Lebanon and the Lebanese from any threat or attack.

Our government and people are facing fierce aggression, to which we will not surrender.

The Lebanese government holds the Israelis responsible for this humanitarian and economic catastrophe in Lebanon. We were still working on erasing the signs of the Isaeli invasions in 1982, 1993 and 1996 and now Israeli aggression is targeting us  once again.

Lebanon is a cursed country that needs immediate and comprehensive help to rebuild what has been destroyed by this hideous war.

We are very proud of our country and we will overcome this crisis. Lebanon will survive; Lebanon will survive; Lebanon will survive.




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