This is the cover of the book.  The book is really only interesting if you can see the pictures, so you should turn on image loading if your browser is capable of it.  If you don't have a graphical browser, you can load the file fulltext.txt in this directory (see below) to read the poems, but they don't stand by themselves very well.

This is a book which belonged to my great-grandmother that I have enjoyed since childhood. I noticed the copyright had expired in the US, so I scanned it in so everyone can read it. The two-color gifs are small (under 10k) and should load very quickly even on a slow connection. I have transcribed the text as well, but it doesn't stand very well on its own; the special thing about the book is Woods' terrific rendering of the birds and plants.

Feel free to download the gifs to your own computer should you so desire. (To do this in Netscape on a Mac, move the mouse pointer over the image and hold the button down for a second or two - you will get a menu with the option to save the image to your disk. On a Windows machine, you can accomplish the same task by clicking with the right mouse button.)

Click here for a text-only transcription for those without graphical browsers

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