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Arts & Entertainment619960402
Talk about the hottest celebrity gossip, get info and share opinions on the latest blockbusters or just shoot the breeze about your favorite television show or Boston event. 
Most recent post topics: 
 Books:  Fan fiction
 Calendar:  Halloween costumes
 Celebrity:  Spears loses custody to Federline
 Food:  Halloween candy
 Movies:  Which Affleck -- Ben or Casey?
 Music:  Maroon 5 at TD Banknorth Garden
 Restaurants:  North Shore Dining...NOT a CHAIN
 Theater & Arts:  Great Day Trip
 TV:  Your favorite '80s sitcom?
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Discuss the top issues facing the Bay State economy, post your business-related event or get tips on how to balance your checkbook. 
Most recent post topics: 
 2007 Ask a CPA:  Corporate Credit...bankruptcy???
 Business Events:  Improve your Decision Making
 General Business:  China Bashing
 Technology:  Online music copyright protection
 Your Money:  Share Your Tips on Saving Money
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Express your opinion on the top stories in New England, the nation and the world. 
Most recent post topics: 
 News:  Innate Rights?
 Politics:  Are we becoming a fascist nation?
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Did you share a flirtive glance with that good looking guy, or girl, on the bus - but were too afraid to get a number? Our Personals message boards may help jump-start your love life. 
Most recent post topics: 
 Relationships:  Have you seen CHUB?
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Real Estate45710189
Share advice and ask questions about the local real estate market. 
Most recent post topics: 
 General Real Estate:  Where are Real Estate Prices Headed?
 Homes:  Adding a shed dormer
 Rentals:  Renters - Do NOT trust Port Oil Co.
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Whether you're a Sox fan, Pats fan or love all sports - these message boards never run short of fans who aren't afraid to share their opinions. 
Most recent post topics: 
 Bruins:  Fernandez out - "personal reasons"
 Celtics:  House Is No Point Guard
 College sports:  Good news and bad news Jason
 High School Sports:  Central Catholic Small 2007
 Patriots:  Indy hasn't heard of Tom Brady
 Red Sox:  Dem Yanks
 Sports / Mixed bag:  Whats Wrong With Everett Little League
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Need a few suggestions for a nearby day trip? Are you visiting New England and want to find attractions? Share advice and questions in our travel boards. 
Most recent post topics: 
 Connecticut:  Computer Recycling in Milford
 Destinations:  Las Vegas tips and tricks
 Massachusetts:  Boston International Fine Art Show
 New England:  What are some must sees in New England?
 New Hampshire:  Oktoberfest Beer Festival and Buffet
 Rhode Island:  R.I. events & festivals
 Skiing / Snowboarding:  1st New England Flakes
 Travel Interests / Activities:  Cheap eats
 Travel tales / Photos:  NYC travel horror stories
 Travel tips / Advice:  Favorite place to stay in Aruba
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Your Life14338179026
Talk health, relationships, home, garden and more! 
Most recent post topics: 
 Confidential Chat:  The Heat is On
 Fashion:  Boston Fashion Shows?
 Health & Fitness:  Firing a doctor/patient
 House & Home:  Fireplace mantel... possibly refurbished
 Parents:  Baby Bjorn
 Pets:  Dobermans
 Weddings:  OT- Website?
 Your Life:  Do you have a secret?
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