Mezzetti / Paul Stookey / Peter, Paul & Mary
        C             Am 
1/ Oh Stewball was a racehorse
          Am           Dm
   And I wish he were mine
   He never drank water
   He always drank wine

2/ His bridle was silver
   His main it was gold
   And the worth of his saddle
   Has never been told

3/ Ih the fairgrounds were crowded
   And Stewball was there
   But the betting was heavy
   On the bay and the mare

4/ And a-way up yonder
   Ahead of them all
   Came a-prancin’ and a-dancin’
   My noble Stewball

5/ I bet on the grey mare
   I bet on the bay
   If I’d have bet on ol’ Stewball
   I’d be a free today

6/ Oh the hoot owl she hollers
   And the turtle dove moans
   I’m a poor boy in trouble
   I’m a long way from home

7/ Oh Stewball was a race horse
   And I wish he were mine
   He never drank water
   He always drank wine  

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