Mezzetti / Joan Baez
     C        Am 
1/ Stewball was a good horse
       Am            Dm
   He wore his head high
   And the mane of his foretop
   Was fine as silk thread

2/ I rode him in England
   I rode him in Spain
   And I never dod lose boys
   I always did gain

3/ So come all you gamblers
   Wherever you are
   And dont bet your money
   On that little grey mare

4/ Most likely shell stumble
   Most likely shell fall
   But never youll lose boys
   On my noble Stewball

5/ As they were a-riding
   Bout halfway round
   That grey mare she stumbled
   And fell on the ground

6/ And way out yonder
   Ahead of them all
   Came a-prancing and a-dancing
   My noble Stewball

7/ Stewball was a race horse
   And by the day he was mine
   He never drank water
   He always drank wine  

viz t:
Blej k
Stewball En