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I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I think every Sega Nerd knew it would eventually happen - Shenmue Online has been canceled, and the entire series looks like it may get a permanent spot on the shelf next to franchises like Alex Kidd and Flicky that will more than likely never see another sequel.

Questions surrounding the game’s development have been ongoing for a while, but when it failed to make an appearance at this year’s Chinajoy, things really began to make us wonder.

But now, Kikizo staffer Adam Doree has confirmed the game’s demise with Shenmue Dojo.

“As for Shenmue, I would have to say at this stage, it is worth forgetting about. If all the fans get any rich relatives together and channel it though Dojo perhaps we could buy rights, hire Suzuki (he’d likely say yes) and independently make the game under license from Sega at no risk to them. That is the only way it will get made at this stage I think. “

Doree went on to say that while Sega has no current plans to do anything with the franchise that has lost it millions, but fans shouldn’t close the door on never receiving a sequel to the series.

“… it wouldn’t surprise me if Sega sold off the rights for this IP and somebody went with those rights.

SEGA ON editor Dennis Stachel has also confirmed that Shenmue Online has been canned on the Sega Nerds forums.

Shenmue Online was originally announced announced in 2004, but legal problems with joint developer JC Entertainment in 2005 proved cracks were already beginning to surface in the game’s foundation.

I must say, with all the evidence we have, it truly does look like Shenmue Online is dead and any chance of Shenmue 3 ever seeing the light of day now looks even more doubtful.

11 comments to “Shenmue Online canceled … probably”

  1. Comment by Bryan:

    I’ve never even played Shenmue, but this makes me sad.

  2. Comment by Kogen:

    With the balls of light and stuff it looks like crap, the idea of Shenmue Online is crap. I’m not really even sure I’d want a Shenmue 3, the second one was horrible and lost all the interesting Japanese atmosphere the first had. Still they should finish it regardless, it’d only be one more game. I’d rather they went with the first idea and made Shenmue 2 about being on the boat instead of ruining it like they did.

    Also Sega doesn’t seem like the type to sell their IPs, they’d prefer to let it rot forever. And Yu should just do more arcade games, I’d rather another Hang-On game than more Shenmue.

  3. Comment by udx:

    From what I heard at Destructoid, the game was intended to be marketed at South Korea and China(And we, the Americans, would have been left out).

  4. Comment by landman:

    The font is Kikizo, the ones who stated Shenmue 3 was completed 2 years ago and was waiting to be ported into next gen… I don’t believe anything from them :o

  5. Comment by David Rodriguez:

    Yeah this kind of blows, but I’d rather have Shenmue 3 more so than some MMO.

  6. Comment by TT:

    Nothing Adam Doree has ever said about Shenmue has turned out to be true.
    The guy needs to stop lying whenever his site needs more hits and do some real journalism for a change.

  7. Comment by I will sucide me if Shenmue is dead:

    Oh no, not a cancelation for Shenmue Online, it will mean the end of Saga.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The most deep game EVER, NO I don’t accept this fate.
    And thus the saga…is dead.
    NO no no. Fucking world of shit.

  8. Comment by Aki-at:

    Well the sequel would probably cost a excess of $50 million to make, maybe even more with the price of development in next gen, even if say, Suzuki left, no one would ever want to take on such a risk, not even Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, they can make much cheaper games that would make much more money (IE Mario Galaxy, Halo 3 or God of War)

    But cancelling a online spin-off of Shenmue, does not signify the end of the series for me, but I also doubt SEGA could ever justify the game, unless then can somehow, miraculously lower development cost, and the amount of characters, level of depth and extensive design work on the world, would be impossible…

  9. Comment by Teabagme:

    Shenmue has been murdered, Joy wont get down and dirty with Ryo, no teabagging, oh noes!!!!!

  10. Comment by Suckmynuts:

    OMG no Shenmue this is not good Sega Sammy.

  11. Comment by Shenmuelegend:

    Shenmue 3 conspiracy, showing Shenmue 3 secretly in production to come with Shenmue Online king of like PSU.

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