Alex Lifeson lead guitar

Just him and his guitar, blaze across the heavens like a brilliant shooting star...

Alex Lifeson

a.k.a. "King Lerxst" and "Snow Dog"

Guitars, backing vocals

Born as Alex Zivojinovich on August 27, 1953 in Fernie, British Columbia, Alex Lifeson was raised in Toronto by his Yugoslavian immigrant parents. ("Lifeson" is the literal translation of his birth name.) He started playing guitar when he was 12, after first trying out the viola, and met Geddy Lee shortly thereafter.

Alex was a founding member of Rush in early 1968 along with original drummer John Rutsey. Besides working on over twenty hit albums with Rush, Alex also formed a group called "Victor" in the mid-1990's.

Musical Influences

young Alex Lifeson

Alex's early influences included Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and especially Pete Townshend. He was a self-taught guitarist, and never had any formal training until Rush's early days performing at clubs in and around Toronto.

"A friend I went to school with taught classical guitar. He was a very good teacher and I studied with him for about a year and a half. That started around 1971, but then one day he was in a motorcycle accident and had to go to hospital, so the lessons kind of fell off. Also, we'd started to play in clubs a lot more, so I wouldn't really have had the time to keep them up anyway."

-Alex Lifeson

Personal Information

Alex has a pilot's license and once flew in a Canadian Air Force CF-5 fighter. He is also a gourmet cook, and owns "The Orbit Room" restaurant at 580A College Street in Toronto. He owns a small invention company, The Omega Concern, which designs and manufactures gadgets that he and his bandmates use. He has a wife Charlene, and two sons, Justin and Adrian.

Other Musical Projects