Shrek 3: The Third


Main feature:

Release Nov 13, 2007
Video Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Studio DreamWorks
Year 2007
Genre Comedy, Animation

Special features:

  • The Animators’ Corner (a picture in picture experience featuring storyboards, deleted scene pitches and technical goofs)
  • Other: Shrek's Guide to Parenthood HD
  • Other: Meet the Cast
  • Other: Lost Scenes HD
  • Other: The Fauxly Grail HD
  • Other: Hot Lunch HD
  • Other: Cyrano De Artie HD
  • Other: Doppelgangers HD
  • Other: Tech of Shrek HD
  • Other: Donkey Dance HD
  • Other: Big Green Goofs HD
  • Other: My Menu (customizable character menu skins)
  • Other: Dreamworks Animation Video Jukebox HD
  • Trailers: Trailers HD:
  • Trailers: Bee Movie HD
  • Trailers: Kung Fu Panda HD
  • Other: Web Enabled Features (available on street date):
  • Other: Shrek’s Trivia Track
  • Other: Web Enabled Features (available TBD):
  • Other: The World of Shrek
  • Other: Donkey’s Digital Coloring Book
  • Other: Dreamworks Kids:
  • Other: Merlin's Magic Crystal Ball HD
  • Other: Learn the Donkey Dance HD
  • Other: How to Be Green HD


When Shrek married Fiona the last thing he had in mind was becoming the next King of Far Far Away. But when Shrek’s father-in-law, King Harold, suddenly croaks, that is exactly what he faces. Recruiting Donkey and Puss In Boots for a new quest, Shrek sets out to bring back the rightful heir to the throne. Meanwhile back in the kingdom, Fiona's jilted Prince Charming storms the city with an army of fairy tale villains to seize the throne. Fiona and a band of princesses must stop him to ensure there will be a kingdom left to rule!

Cast and Crew:

DreamWorks presents
Eddie MurphyAntonio BanderasMike MyersCameron Diaz"Shrek 3: The Third"

Production Year: 2007

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