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September 6, 2006 Clip No. 1260

Footage of New Iranian "Saegheh" Fighter Jet

Following are excerpts from a news report on the new Iranian fighter jet, "Saegheh" (Lightning), which aired on the Iranian news channel (IRINN) on September 6, 2006:

Presenter: The fighter bomber "Saegheh" [Lightning] conducted a successful operational flight, thus officially joining the fleet of fighter planes of the army's air force. We will now watch the footage of this successful flight, dear viewers.


This fighter jet underwent dozens of test flights over the past year. This morning, it used various types of ammunition to its full capacity. Thus, it joined the fleet of fighter jets of the army's air force, increasing the military abilities of the airborne units.


Text on fighter jet: "We succeeded"

Reporter: The first advanced fighter jet in our country, called Saegheh, was tested operationally today, in the fifth stage of the "Blow of Zolfaqar" wargames, thus officially joining the fleet of the air force of the Islamic Republic of Iran. With the successful operational testing of this plane, Iran has become one of the few countries with the ability to design and build advanced fighter jets.


Among the important features of the Saegheh fighter jet are its abilities to provide close aerial assistance, and to carry and fire various types of rockets, bombs, and missiles. This plane underwent eighty test flights, and passed the various stages of flight with success.

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