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About Us

AllInOneNews is a news search system developed by Webscalers, LLC. It searches news from more than 1,800 news sources over more than 200 countries/regions.

AllInOneNews is implemented based on metasearch technology. Unlike other news search systems on the web that crawl the sites of news sources to collect news items in advance and then search these items on a local server, AllInOneNews passes each user query to the search engines of other news sources, collects their search results and merges them into a single ranked list for presentation to the user.

Metasearch technology for news search generally has the following advantages over the crawling based search technology:

  1. It can retrieve the latest news and breaking news in a timelier manner because it does not have the delay caused by crawling schedules.
  2. It can retrieve more relevant information as it has the ability to merge the best results from multiple news sources.

AllInOneNews is the world's largest news metasearch engine. Its technology embodies the philosophy of "wide coverage" and "focused search". It allows users to find the latest breaking news as well as old news. It aims to connect to all (English) news sources on the Web so that its users are able to find news from anywhere in the world and about any subject (sports, politics, entertainment, etc).

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