JOHN the Georgian

Also known as
John the Iberian; John the Hagiorite; John Iweron
12 July
Tenth century Iberian nobility. Married layman, and outstanding military commander. Father of Saint Euthymius the Illuminator. With his wife's approval, he became a monk on Mount Olympus in Bithynia. Travelled to Constantinople to his son, who was being held hostage by the emperor. Euthymius then joined his father as a monk. Their holiness attracted would-be followers, so they retired to the monastery of Saint Athanasius on Mount Athos in Macedonia. With John's brother-in-law, retired general John Thornikos, John and Euthymius, he founded Iviron (Iweron) monastery on Mount Athos; Saint John served as its first abbot. The monastery is still in use, though now by Greek Orthodox monks.
at Georgia near the Black Sea
c.1002 at Mount Athos
Name Meaning
God is gracious; gift of God (John)
Additional Information
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