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Wednesday, 14 March 2007
ImageThe Biography Of Martyr Dr. Isam Al-Rawi

Doctor Isam Kazım Fathi al-Rawi was born in 1949 in the town of Rawah which is in Anbar governorate.
He completed his bachelor and master degrees in the faculty of science, University of Baghdad in 1975. His profession was in science of earth (geology). Then he started to study for a doctorate programme in which he was the the first student grant doctorate from University of Baghdad in the jurisdiction.

Martyr Rawi grown in the environment of pious and warm family. His father Prof. Dr. Kazem Fathi Rawi was very eminent and distinguished person with his knowledge who was the author of many scientific books. His brother Dr. Ahmad was the former president of Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe. His other brother Dr. Kazım Kazım was the former dean of Islamic College in France.

He was very active in the area of da’wa among university students in spite of difficult circumstances which surrounded the Islamic Movement in that time. Martyr was arrested in 1985 with a number of his colleagues on charges of participating in the secret organization. He was sentenced to death which is changed to life imprisonment in 1987. Then, he released in a general amnesty after the intervention of eminent Islamic personalities from outside Iraq.

After his release, Dr. Rawi went to University of Saladin in Irbil to teach where he spent several years. He set up close relations with people in general and the Islamic movements in all ways in particular. These relations provided good memories and were useful in bolstering ties between Arabs and Kurds.
After the occupation of Iraq, he joined to the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq. He saw this Association as the appropriate place for carrying out Islamic and national activities under occupation. Martyr Rawi participated in every political and non-political activities of AMSI.

Prof. Dr. Rawi founded the Association of University Teachers with a number of his colleagues and students in June 29, 2003. The purpose of this association was to be an instrument for the defense of important segment of society and to inform them about American woes and problems. This association has achieved great successes in this area and become a scientific & cultural institution with a distinguished status inside and outside Iraq. Even, the association has published statements and reports which was based on reliable scientific facts in Iraq in spite of difficult conjuncture under occupation.

Now, the association has 1400 university professor member, 225 of them are women professor.
In the framework of Association’s interested area, martyr Rawi documented the crimes of occupation and presented them to the society. The Association also recorded very important list which included university professor’s names that are arrested and murdered with using many official and unofficial sources. 
Martyr Rawi arranged many seminars and sypmosium inside and outside of Iraq. He participated in many scientific and religious conferences. Most of scientific, cultural, da’wa and religious conferences, meetings were outside of Iraq.

Some of these important programs:
1- Islamic Movement in Turkey
2- Islamic Society and Organizations in Turkey
3- The Dialogue between Religions
4- The Muslim Community in Britain
and a number of scientific and academic institutions.
Martyr Rawi represented the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) in a number of forums, conferences and meetings. He visited Turkey, Lebanon, Russia, Libya and other countries as representative of AMSI.

He participated in the meeting with Sadr Movement which followed the tragic events of Samarra. al-Rawi also cooperated with al-Khalisi School to solve some problems and crises.
Professor Rawi studied on several scientific issues like sedimentary rocks and metals in the university.
Those universities:

1- Iraq - Baghdad University
2- Iraq - Irbil Saladin University
3- Libya - Sibha University
4- Religious and cultural activities in Istanbul
and many activities outside of Iraq after compelled and immigrated.

He was martyred on December 2006 in Baghdad.

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