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Posted by Steven Bink on April 24 2006, 12:09 PM with no comments
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By now it was only known that Windows Mobile Photon will unite both MS Smartphone and Pocket PC into one platform. Now more information is available like availability of fully customizable user interface in the Photon, and release dates: 2008 for commercial launch of Windows Mobile Photon (probably to be called Windows Mobile 6.0) devices and 2007 for commercial launch of Windows Mobile Crossbow (major upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0).

In a Microsoft's presentaion about .NET Compact Framework one can notice the following: “Photon” (Q4 ‘07)
  • New, Flexible Shell
  • Modular Containers
  • “Yamazaki” CE kernel
  • Q1/Q2 ’08 Marketing Launch
“Crossbow” (Q4 ‘06)
  • Great mobile messaging
  • Advanced Business and Enterprise propositions
  • Strengthened phone experience
  • Faster, easier application development and distribution
  • Q1/Q2 ‘07 Marketing Launch

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