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The Town Hall (Ratusz)

The edifice of Town Hall was raised in the XIV century. However in the XVI century it was reconstructed by an Italian architect Jan Baptist from Lugano. The building was expanded in the west direction and a slender tower was added. Building’s facades have a uniform renaissance character. On top of the tower there is an eagle with height of 1,8 m and his wingspan reaches 2 m. Over the town hall clock there is a small platform, where everyday at 12.00 a.m. two small goats appear. The most interesting rooms are located on the first floor – the Great Hall – one of the most beautiful renaissance insides in Poland. The Royal Chamber was a place of City Council’s sessions. Currently in the Town Hall there is a Museum of Poznan City History.


The Old Market (Stary Rynek)

Establishment of this market reaches XIII century. It is a square with a side length of 141m. After Warsaw’s and Krakow’s markets, it is the third market in Poland in respect of size. Inside building development was designated for administrative and trading purposes. The Town Hall and the Great Balance were located there. Originally those were only wooden buildings, but in the course of time brick constructions began to establish. In the year 1945 as a result of war destroy the Old Market lost 60% of its building developments. In the same year it also lost his dominating trading-service function, becoming a residence district. Administrative buildings were replaced by gastronomic premises, many shops and cafes. In June on the market there is organization of St. Johns Fairs (“Jarmarki Świętojańskie”) and a specific climate in spring and summer days is made by gardens established in front of restaurants.



The Citadel (Cytadela)

In the XIX century there was the biggest fortress in Europe – the Winiary Fortress. Polish participants of national raises were imprisoned here. In the year 1945 permanent fights took place about the Citadel with Germans. It was completely destroyed by air raids of alliance armies. Actually there is a big park with many sculptures. There are also remains of fortifications and soldiers cemetery, mainly Polish, but also British and Russian.



The Urban Balance (Waga Miejska)

The city whole time looks for a method to manage the building of Urban Balance. Earlier this place was besieged by newly married couples. Now this demand to commemorate marriages in this building is significantly lower. In the XVI century goods were balanced here, which were imported by traders. Those services were payable and the whole procedure was operated by Mr. Waźnik and his helpers. Today, in reconstructed after war building there is the Civil State Office.


The Saint Mary Magdalene Church (Kościół Św. Marii Magdaleny)

The Saint Mary Magdalene Church is localized by the Golebia Street. It belongs to the Poznan Baroque Pearl. Italian architects watched over the temple. The building is surrounded by 16 huge columns from an artificial marble. The inside is fulfilled by beautiful altars, sculptures and pictures. Exceptionality of celebrities is made by huge organs, from which each time incredible sounds are being emerged.


The Saint Roch Bridge (Most Św. Rocha)

It is one of the most beautiful bridges in Poznan. It was established in the year 1913 after reconstruction of a different bridge destroyed earlier. Its length estimates 250 m. At night the bridge is beautifully lightened.


The Old Brewery (Stary Browar)

The Old Brewery is the Centre of Trade, Art and Business in Poznan. It was constructed on the places of ruins of the old Hugger brothers’ brewery, it connects a function of trading centre and centre of culture and art. The trading part consists of 100 shops localized on 4 floors. There is also a part designated for different exhibitions, which are made in purpose to promote events related with painting, sculpture and theatre. The ICSC (International Chamber of Shop Centrums) granted for the Old Brewery a prize for the Best Work Shop Centrum in the view of its incredible architecture and way of management.





April 2007


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