Ray Kurzweil, Keynote Speaker

Transhumanity Saving Humanity: Innerspace to Outerspace

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Announcement: Conference Sessions will now be at the Field Museum of Natural History.

Do you believe that emerging technology will give society the ability to solve the greatest challenges facing humanity? What's the biggest priority: longevity therapies, sustainable energy, clean water, a restored environment, or space development?

The World Transhumanist Association is a global non-profit member organization dedicated to the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities. The WTA supports the development of and access to new technologies that enable everyone to enjoy better minds, better bodies and better lives. This philosophy would be negligent without considering a better environment and a better planet in which to live. How can we live better than well if we don't take action now to solve the greatest challenges facing our world?

Therefore, the theme of TransVision 2007 is: Transhumanity Saving Humanity: Inner Space to Outer Space, and will feature three full days of compelling dialogue with the greatest minds of today about creating the civilizations of tomorrow. TV07 brings extraordinary people from across the globe together with more than 30 distinguished speakers, entertainers and visionaries including: award-winning inventor, futurist, author Raymond Kurzweil; acclaimed longevity scientist, Aubrey de Grey; and Emmy award winning actor, William Shatner.

Here's just some of what we'll be discussing:

Day One: Inner space: Transforming Ourselves

Longevity, Life Extension, Nanotech, Nanomedicine, Bionics, Biotech, SENS, Cryonics

Day Two: Meta space: Transforming Humanity

Environment, Global Warming, Sustainable Housing, Alternative Energy, AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality

Day Three: Outer space: Beyond the Planet

Future Humans, Colonizing Outer space, Space Tourism, Future Civilizations


Guest Musician: Vicci Martinez

*** Special Pre-Conference Event ***

Monday, July 23rd
Securing the Longevity Dividend: Building the Campaign for Anti-Aging Science

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TV07 Organizing Committee

  • Conference Chair: Charlie Kam, President, Greenpack Construction; Founder, CEO Pie Records

Local Organizing Committee

  • Chair: Ben Hyink, Chicago Chapter, World Transhumanist Association

International TV07 Committee

  • Nick Bostrom, Ph.D. Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University. Director of the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute.
  • James Hughes, Ph.D. Executive Director, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
  • Giulio Prisco, Executive Director, World Transhumanist Association

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