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What is FluxBox
Fluxbox Fluxbox © is yet another windowmanager for X.
It's based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code. Fluxbox looks like blackbox and handles styles, colors, window placement and similar thing exactly like blackbox (100% theme/style compability).

So what's the difference between fluxbox and blackbox then?
The answer is: LOTS!
Here is a list of features that fluxbox already has, or is in the works...

  • Configurable window tabs. |
  • Iconbar (for minimized/iconified windows) |
  • Wheel scroll changes workspace
  • Configurable titlebar (placement of buttons, new buttons etc) |
  • KDE support |
  • New native integrated keygrabber (supports emacs like keychains)
  • Maximize over slit option
  • Partial GNOME support
  • Extended Window Manager Hints support
  • Slit dockap ordering
  • Other minor features

  • Session Management
  • Windows Snapping
  • Configurable toolbar
  • Other minor features
Aside from all this many changes and improvements have been made to the code.

Where to get it
Look at the Download section.

Curious where FluxBox is going to?
Read RoadMap and download latest development release.

Seeing is believing.

/ fbdesk 1.4.1 / 2007.10.11-21:00 CET
A new fbdesk release. This release fixes the flickering issue with the latest fluxbox release and parsing of the icon file. Check it out here.
by Henrik



/ Fluxbox 1.0.0 / 2007.10.08-22:00 CET
A new stable release! Finally after almost four and a half years with 0.9.x release we got to 1.0.0! This release includes a lot of bugfixes, new styles, updated language support, better shaped corners nd much more. Grab it here!
More info about the release here.
We will soon update the entire webpage, so stay tuned!
by Henrik



/ Fluxbox 1.0 Release Candidate 3 / 2007.03.20-20:55 CET
This release has lots of new feature and lots of bug fixes. More extended window manager hints support, support for mouse buttons in keys file, language updates and much more. See ChangeLog and NEWS file more details.
Download and info here.
This is the final release candidate, the next release will be 1.0.0 stable! So please help us and report the Bugs you find in this release.
by Henrik



/ Fluxbox 1.0 Release Candidate 2 / 2006.07.03-06:23 CET
With numerous fixes and improvements from the first RC. Please work it out hard and let us know about any Bugs. You can find news on the changes in the usual place, and download from the Downloads page.
UPDATE: There were some crashes on startup reported on Solaris and FreeBSD. Please use this patch to resolve them.
by Simon



/ A new developer to the team! / 2006.06.14-09:03 CET
We would like to welcome Mark Tiefenbruck to the development team. He has been around and contributing useful bug fixes and features for a while now. You might know him from such patches as... key modes and toggle items, plus many other welcome fixes and improvements.
by Henrik



/ New Release: 1.0rc ! / 2006.06.13-21:19 CET
1.0 release candidate is finally here! Check out news here.
Download it here.
This release has better support for ewmh and UTF-8. It also includes the old external tabs!
Before next release we need people to help us with translation. We also need people to report bugs and other issues with the changed setup. Do not forget to include language setting, OS and distribution in the report.
by Henrik



/ New Release: / 2006.04.04-22:41 CET
New bugfix version of Fluxbox! Check out the changes here. Most notably, this improves friendliness of handling the background image.
by Simon



/ New FbDesk version 1.4.0 ! / 2006.03.27-21:34 CET
Check it out here!
by Henrik



/ New Release: 0.9.15 / 2006.03.23-03:00
New version 0.9.15 of Fluxbox! Check out the changes here. We are getting one step closer to 1.0 release.
by Henrik



/ Window Manager of the Year! / 2006.03.10-18:21 CET
2005 Members Choice Award Thanks to all fluxbox users out there.
by Henrik



/ Happy X-Mas! / 2005.12.24-23:58 CET
The whole fluxbox-team wishes all of you out there a nice, calm and peaceful xmas.
by Mathias



/ Wiki for the Masses / 2005.11.09-10:31 CET
The friendly folks at started a Wiki to bring together all the Howtos and unanswered questions in one place controlled by the users .. well .. YOU :) . Have fun with it and happy fluxboxing!
by Mathias



/ Official Fluxbox Merchandise! / 2005.09.23-21:46 CET
fluxbox merchandise Ever wanted to show your sympathy with fluxbox on a conference or need a present for your geekish Friend? Well, our new shop is open: With every item you order you'll support the team a bit.
Happy fluxboxing!
The international site for fluxbox shop is now open. Non-EU users can now shop for fluxbox merchandise!
by Henrik



/ New Release: 0.9.14 / 2005.09.15-01:54 CET
We're happy to announce version 0.9.14 of Fluxbox. Check out the main changes here... most notable is a bunch of work on font handling (no more big delays on startup).
by Simon



/ Fluxbox at LUGParanaConf / 2005.08.26-08:37 CET
On 17th september there will be the 1st conference about free software in the city of Parana, Argentina. The LUGParanaConf is organized by LUGParana ( At the conference Guillermo Patterer will speak about Fluxbox in one of the sessions. It will be orientated towards beginners and intermediate users, going from installation to configuration of Fluxbox. To read more about LUGParanaConf visit, everyone is invited to step by.

The Fluxbox-Team sends best wishes and good luck to the fluxboxlovers of argentina ... we are looking forward to see some pictures from that conference :) Happy Fluxboxing!
by Mathias



| Older News


Oct 04 2006 11:25

Oct 02 2004 07:17

See more screenshots

or take a look at

LATEST (v1.0.0)
(maintained, also stable)
 v1.0.0 Source tarball
 v1.0.0 Source bz2

Browse Subversion Repository

Get Subversion-version

 Debian package
(maintained by dopey)

 Fedora / RedHat package
(maintained by Rudolf Kastl)

 NetBSD package
(maintained by Jared McNeill)

 OpenBSD (v3.6) package

 Slackware package
(maintained by greyhame)

 Sparc package
(maintained by NivenHuH)

 SuSE package
(maintained by Buk)

 SID Pack (1.26 MB)
Additional Themes
(maintained by aleczapka)


 FluxConf - Fluxbox Configuration Utitlity
(maintained by Fab)

 fbDesk - FbDesk is a fluxbox-util application that creates and manage icons on your Fluxbox desktop.
(maintained by Henrik)

 Fluxspace - A window manager and workspace enhancer and integrator.
(maintained by Steve Cooper)

 fbsetbg - bsetbg replacement. Read more
(maintained by Han Boetes)

 fbcolor - Creating colorflavours of fluxboxstyles. fbcolor is a small and handy tool to create different colored flavours of a fluxbox-style. Read example of usage.
(maintained by Mathias Gumz)

 Fluxter - a slit pager
(maintained by Steven Cooper)

 FbPager - a slit pager with transparency and mouse gestures.
(maintained by Henrik Kinnunen)

Check our download page for more.

  • Learn more about Fluxbox 1.x.
    Oct 29 2004 16:29

    Rounded menu corners, menu transparency, icons in menu, artwiz fonts... Theme: Sn33z (modified by me), root-tail, torsmo, fbpager, transparent aterm.
    See more screenshots

  • Read the RoadMap for future plans.
  • Read Beta Tester's FAQ.
  • Check DEVBOX for Fluxbox Devel Documentation.

    (Format: Year/Month/Day)
    Changes for 1.0.0:
    * Changed default style to bloe
    See full ChangeLog

  • FAQ
  • Online Documentation
  • man-page

    On Fluxbox Forum or come to #fluxbox on

  • fluxbox-announcements
  • fluxbox-users
  • fluxbox-developers

    Found a bug? Report it. Read also howto deal with core-dumps.

    Check our project page at

    Im Henrik Kinnunen aka Fluxgen. You can contact me (the author) on the channel #fluxbox on the network freenode.
    This is my mail adress if you need it.




    Get more Dockapps at
    The Dockapp Warehouse or Tower's Window Maker DockAAps or

    Dockapps are a small (useful|funny) applications which will 'dock' onto the Fluxbox Slit.
    See screenshot.
    Learn more about Slit.


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    If you have general Fluxbox related questions ask them on our irc channel or mailing lists.

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