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Post-Alpha Opera 9.5 Release

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Just when you thought the Alpha was exciting, here's the first post-alpha release!

Previously the term weekly has been used to describe our "weekly" releases. As most of you know they don't always appear at the end of every week, therfore we will be endeavouring to deliver a steady stream of builds as they are ready. So be prepared, the next release may come on a Tuesday or any other day of the week.

So what have we been doing?

We have been working hard on performance and fixing bugs, so go and grab the build and help us make Opera 9.5 even better! :smile:

Known Issues
  • Some Linux/UNIX packages are not available this time
  • Won't run correctly on Windows 95 or 98
  • OS X version may cause persistent freezes on start-up
  • POP server cleaning has been disabled: When disabling the "Leave messages on server" option, existing messages on the server are not removed
  • Files are often saved with the incorrect file extension
  • [BUG 271585] The last directory used is not remembered in the Save As and Open dialogs
  • [BUG 284852] Wand doesn't save new passwords; old passwords should work properly
  • [BUG 284849] Yahoo! Mail beta may crash Opera
  • [BUG 278770] Gmail does not work on 64-bit
  • [BUG 264975] Graphical smilies do not work
  • [BUG 280261] Removing messages from filters does not work
  • [BUG 184894] Native OS X UI elements cannot be used in skins
  • [BUG 213115] Queued mail is sent at the next check, instead of waiting for manual action
  • [BUG 280536] Opera on OS X will sometimes freeze when exiting Preferences
  • [BUG 281679] Bookmarks are not sorted correctly
  • [BUG 274352] Upgrading with no mail/RSS accounts causes a mail upgrade that never finishes

Known Issues Fixed in this Release
  • [BUG 277681] Some order lists are displayed as unordered lists
  • [BUG 279302] Line wrapping does not work correctly in some cases, causing overly long lines of text and horizontal scrollbars; often seen at Wikipedia
  • [BUG 280763] On OS X, menus on some web sites won't work if they open over Flash content
  • [BUG 281550] Setting an external source viewer does not work

Other Changes
  • The View bar is available in the Appearance dialog again
  • Added APNG 1.0 support for use on web pages and in skins
  • Made Opera Mail multi-threaded for improved performanced
  • Further notification improvements, including a close button on notifications
  • Added ability to select an application from the Download dialog to open the file if no application is associated with the file type
  • Numerous stability fixes
  • Several rendering engine fixes
  • Fixed a problem where the cursor in the source viewer was positioned at the end
  • Fixed a problem where the text color (inside tables) would change when closing the Content Block dialog
  • Fixed a problem where numbers (and borders) were not shown in configured Speed Dial entries
  • Fixed a problem where text was squished/mashed together after removing a Speed Dial thumbnail
  • Fixed a problem where links focused by inline find could not be activated by pressing Enter
  • Fixed IE bookmark folder import

  • Greatly improved performance with alpha transparency (animations, scrolling)

  • Further tweaking of tabs in native skin
  • Removed page loading spinner from Address bar
  • Rounded edges on many dialog Title bars
  • Fixed application window focus/activation problems
  • Fixed problems with Flash problems with wmode=opaque and CSS hover
  • Prevent some start-up freezes
  • Pulsing progress bar

Windows Classic

My Opera synchronization explainedOne More Snapshot


Thanks :D

edit: no unread messages for me, but Send/receive stays as red X all the time. Doesn't seem to affect sending/checking mail though

edit2: Solved. Removed it from my toolbar and brought it back and now it's ok.

By ar1pe, # 14. September 2007, 14:47:21

excellent! downloading..I hope the mail issue will fix, since I have _a lot_ of old email showing like "received today" in my inbox. UPDATE: YES! It's fixed!!

By suribe, # 14. September 2007, 14:54:09


[267842] View bar is back. (enter random explenation on how to get it back) <<....obs

Maybe that one needed edited before going online? :D

By mrd, # 14. September 2007, 14:54:56

Interesting. A new language selection on install....

By mrd, # 14. September 2007, 14:55:53

many thanks

By lamarca, # 14. September 2007, 14:56:35

Excellent :yes:

By sebt, # 14. September 2007, 15:00:11

I can't tell which bug numbers in the changelog section are fixed or not, it needs a clear indication. Like a bugs fixed sub-section.

By shoust, # 14. September 2007, 15:00:32

Nice to have another build. Kestrel is getting very very amazing!

By Camus, # 14. September 2007, 15:02:09

Shoust: Dude if they are in the known issues list they are not fixed. If they are in the changelog it's because they are fixed. It's not like we will list all the current bugs ;-)

By olli, # 14. September 2007, 15:02:11

Is this an Alpha or a beta release?

By schmitty8225, # 14. September 2007, 15:02:16

Eh still no sparc Solaris build :frown:

But thank you developers for hard work :smile:

By Soleen, # 14. September 2007, 15:04:01

Fixed! [bug-283008] Spatial navigation related behaviour problem (Enter to action beta forum in myopera forums page)

Fixed pending further tests. [bug-283015] Links panel ignores mimetypes when downloading media links

Not fixed. [bug-283018] Javascript menus for corporate Intranet site broken (using .net navigation.js)

Not fixed (windows) pending linux testing. [bug-283020] UI - Smooth scrolling problems (linux, but also using cursorkeys in XP)

Not fixed. [bug-284081] CSS rendering incorrect colors, corrected upon scroll (sebt blog demonstrates problem)

By sebt, # 14. September 2007, 15:05:19

http://www.tlk.pl/code/glowna.php - is bad rendered in 9.50 (in 9.23 was correctly)

By adas, # 14. September 2007, 15:05:35

schmitty8225: Neither.. This is a developer snapshot.. What we used to call "weekly".. It might be more unstable then the alphas and I promise you it's more unstable than what we would release as Beta

By olli, # 14. September 2007, 15:05:53

Thats a big changelog in 10 days. Good work fellows and fellettes (I assume there are female Opera devs)

Thinking I might wipe my profile and start again given that one

[282003] Lots of unread messages and drafts after upgrade

Good stuff.

By mrd, # 14. September 2007, 15:06:31

My middle mouse button seems to have broken down in 9.50.9523, I can't open links with it and I can't middle-click scroll. Can anyone confirm?

By hermen2048, # 14. September 2007, 15:06:55

@olli thanks for the clarification :smile:

@schmitty8225 This is a post alpha, pre beta build, aka weekly. In general they can be as stable as the alphas if not as stable as a final.

By shoust, # 14. September 2007, 15:07:43

olli: loving it. I appreciate putting out in effect a "stable" daily build can be fraught given the issues of expectation level, no matter how many times you tell people not to blow away their existing installs with this.

It's great to see though. Hopefully the feedback gained is worth any such pain because I definitely will enjoy a less "milestone" based system of desktopteam builds. :smile:

By mrd, # 14. September 2007, 15:09:48

I agree with shoust, it wasn't clearly stated. The "View bar is back" thing makes it confusing.

Seems like the Speed Dial thumbnails not saving correctly bug is still there and Novell Groupwise webmail is still messed up (I think it was a bit better in 9500?).

By kasakka, # 14. September 2007, 15:09:54

Nice fixes!!!

By TheMajor, # 14. September 2007, 15:11:39

What a cool effect in my Artist's Sketchbook widget ( 1. choose yellow color, 2. choose paintbrush tool 3. try to draw somethig). Nice job :wink:

By grafio, # 14. September 2007, 15:12:04

@hermen2048: works ok here

By ar1pe, # 14. September 2007, 15:12:10

YES! You made my weekend Opera devs.

By johannordholm, # 14. September 2007, 15:13:04

Can somebody please tell, if this is english-only or multiple languages release?

By Alnag, # 14. September 2007, 15:18:05

I'll have a look at the Unix builds.
Thanks! :smile:

By Hypezor, # 14. September 2007, 15:20:57

@Alnag:English, dutch and swedisch I believe

By ytsmabeer, # 14. September 2007, 15:21:28

'Bug' 276734 still exists...

By eddie, # 14. September 2007, 15:24:42


Originally posted by Soleen:

Eh still no sparc Solaris build

Nope, apologies :worried: The previous issue was fixed, and now the build system went bonkers... You'll notice that several other builds are missing...

By csant, # 14. September 2007, 15:24:42


Originally posted by hermen2048:

My middle mouse button seems to have broken down in 9.50.9523, I can't open links with it and I can't middle-click scroll. Can anyone confirm?

Works fine here (Vista 32).

Thanks devs.

By Captain Stifu, # 14. September 2007, 15:26:55


Originally posted by olli:

It's not like we will list all the current bugs
Some of us wouldn't mind such things...

By fearphage, # 14. September 2007, 15:27:40

Thank you for fixing "[273822] Link focused by inline find cannot be activated (Enter doesn't work after spatnav)" :-) This was driving me nuts :-)

By zeroK, # 14. September 2007, 15:31:48

Animated PNG support?

That seems quite a quirky thing to add unless you have some idea for it that you're heading towards? Some desired use of it yourselves already on one of the mobile/embedded platforms?

By mrd, # 14. September 2007, 15:32:32

in linux builds the .9 and .10 are qt4? what's the differences?

there's no unix specific changelog meaning there's no unix specific changes?

By Bill_P, # 14. September 2007, 15:33:14

bookmarks cant be sorted my name.

By lamarca, # 14. September 2007, 15:34:01

CRASH when rightclick on image and clicking "save image..." (repeatedly), not at all images though. the first build with this issue ever

By zombux, # 14. September 2007, 15:36:38

Thanks for this build.

But none filename extension in the cache, please option in opera:config. :frown:

By alexs, # 14. September 2007, 15:37:39

@Bill_P: read this post about UNIX build naming system: http://my.opera.com/csant/blog/2007/09/06/which-is-which

By Rikz, # 14. September 2007, 15:39:47

"By minch. Friday, 14. September 2007, 15:19:22alpha, kestrel"

i think by these tags it is a new alpha ^^

By mabdul, # 14. September 2007, 15:41:59

I have no close button on tab (Tools/Prefereces/Tabs/'Show close button on each tab' is checked).

I still miss Zoom in the 'Edit Site Prefereces'.

Thanx so far!

By mulB, # 14. September 2007, 15:42:40

Great !!
Thanks !!

By SoulOfDoinel, # 14. September 2007, 15:44:56

add multithreading to mail for improved performanced

What are the chances that multithreading will be added to the browser itself, particularly each tab?

By rseiler, # 14. September 2007, 15:45:06

Many Thanks for the new Alpha.

Still high cpu usage while scrolling up and down with the scroll bar on http://www.anandtech.com/

By betatest, # 14. September 2007, 15:46:05


Damn, you guys are pretty quick to comment around here :smile:

Lets hope the url hickups are fixed.

By Aphenitry, # 14. September 2007, 15:46:35

Are these builds being called "alphas" to indicate that they are more unstable than a weekly, or to indicate that they are not feature complete, or to be fairly compared against competing projects?

I wasn't expecting a weekly this early, but I guess it makes sense if you want the highest quality feedback&mdash;fix the bugs as fast as you can and get this released the moment it's ready. Is that the plan?

By IceArdor, # 14. September 2007, 15:51:50

Fullscreen-mode still has problems: middle-clicked links, although specified to open in the background, still open in the foreground(always) and newly opened tabs never show the addressbar, only the first tab does( after telling it via shift+f12 to do so). Quite a bummer, hope this gets fixed soon.

By Hank_Chinaski, # 14. September 2007, 15:53:28

I see Bug #281912 is still there...

So still no Kestrel for me. :frown:

Could you at least add Mac OSX 10.3.9 to "Won't work on win98/95", so no one else gets their hopes up?

By Fyrd, # 14. September 2007, 15:55:03

csant, thank you for explanation, it is a good news that solaris specific issue was fixed. :-)

By Soleen, # 14. September 2007, 15:55:51


By Orlando, # 14. September 2007, 15:56:57

Thanks for bug numbers in changelog! :up:
Now testing...

By FataL, # 14. September 2007, 15:58:52

Thx!!! Always on top!!

By Zalex108, # 14. September 2007, 16:02:14

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