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About us

About the directorate

We provide advice to ministers, and develop policy and security measures to combat the threat of terrorism.

The Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), has led the work on counter-terrorism in the UK for over 30 years working closely with the police and security services.

The attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001 changed the way that OSCT operated. It meant that the number of partners and stakeholders we worked with directly had to be expanded to draw in all the emergency services, local and regional government, and even closer working with international partners.

Since then the Home Office has also endeavoured to make more information publicly accessible without undermining national security.

Our responsibilities

We report to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and Minister of State for the Home Office Tony McNulty.

We currently have responsibility for:

  • exercising the UK's response to a terrorist incident
  • developing legislation on terrorism here and overseas
  • providing security measures and protection packages for public figures
  • ensuring that the UK’s critical national infrastructure is protected from attack (including electronic attack)
  • ensuring the UK is prepared to deal with a chemical, biological, or nuclear release
  • liaising with government and emergency services during terrorist incidents or counter-terrorism operations

We also oversee the administration of:

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