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Day 26

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Can You Kick It?

Shilpa in her showgirl costume
Monday 22 January
Day 20, 20:48

The housemates bump and grind their way to task success...

A Moulin Rouge-style chorus routine proved almost too easy for the housemates, as they twirled and kicked their way to a luxury shopping budget.

With just a few hours to practise, learn and master a collection of moves, the housemates showed that they were made of celebrity stuff.

Complete with feather boas, head-dresses and top hats the celebs took to the stage. "And helicopter... step point... march! 1-2-3... kick!" dance captain Ian shouted at various points in the routine.

"Kick and MARCH!" he continued, as he dazzled the room with his best showbiz smile. The girls whooped and cheered their way through the performance, Jermaine had a cheeky grin as he sashayed and shimmied and Dirk gyrated his hips like they were going out of business.

"I was trying to sell it!" Dirk laughed, with the performance finally over. "Woo! Thank you Big Brother!" Ian shouted, clearly still buzzing.

And despite Dirk and Jack picking up two fails each, the housemates still managed to pass the task.

"Luxury shopping budget! Bring it on!" Ian screeched, "I couldn't live on beans again!"

Oh yeah housemates, work those bodies.

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