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This site features the archival photographs documenting one of the most remarkable engineering feats in Canada's history: the building of a railway from Port Moody to Craigellachie in British Columbia, Canada, a distance of about 342 miles (547 km). The Contractor for the project was Andrew Onderdonk (1848-1905).

There are a number of ways you can explore this site. You can start at the beginning with Contract No. 60 which Onderdonk began on May 15, 1880. Many photograph pages have hypertext links to other pages of text or photographs. You can also access tables of the Onderdonk Albums of the BC Archives, with links to photographs, where available, as well as tables of other relevent collections.

Whatever you do, we hope you will gain some appreciation of Onderdonk's Way.

The Kamloops Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the British Columbia Provincial Archives in Victoria. Most of the photographs presented here come from their collections, with additional material from the City of Vancouver Archives. David Mattison, Reference Archivist at the B.C. Archives has also contributed an essay on The Photographers of Onderdonk's Way.

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