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Social Policy Journal of New Zealand - Issue 29 November 2006

Table of Contents


Policy Papers

Transforming Science: How Our Structures Limit Innovation
Helen Moewaka Barnes

Policy Development Papers

Strengthening Health, Wellbeing and Equity: Embedding Policy-Level HIA in New Zealand
Louise Signal, Barbara Langford, Rob Quigley and Martin Ward

Child Impact Reporting
Kirsten Hanna, Ian Hassall and Emma Davies

Research Papers

Safety Issues in the Lives of Children with Learning Disabilities
Freda Briggs

How Tikanga Guides and Protects the Research Process: Insights from the Hauora Tāne Project
Rhys Jones, Sue Crengle and Tim McCreanor

Ill Health, Disability, Benefit and Work: A Summary of Recent Research
Penny Beynon and Sarah Tucker

A Profile of Health and Disability Related Benefit Recipients in New Zealand
Keith McLeod and Penny Beynon

Understanding the Growth in Invalid’s Benefit Receipt in New Zealand
Moira Wilson and Keith McLeod

Assessing the Impacts on Health of an Urban Development Strategy: A Case Study of the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy
Anna Stevenson, Karen Banwell and Ramon Pink

Assessing the Health and Wellbeing Impacts of Urban Planning in Avondale: A New Zealand Case Study
Robert Quigley and Shyrel Burt


Reflections after the 2006 IAFFE Conference on Feminist Economics, University of Sydney, 7–9 July 2006
Maire Dwyer

Aotearoa New Zealand National Evaluation Conference
Joseph Schumacher, Debi Majumdar, Christina Howard, Geoff Stone and Salena Davie

Cross-Sector Dialogue for Healthier Policies: An Overview of the 2006 Health Impact Assessment Conference
Louise Thornley


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