About Simitel

SimiTel was founded in 2001 by Marcus Dantus (CEO) and Serge Kruppa (CTO) in response to the recognition that Mexico has a large telecom market served mostly by foreign companies parachuting in experts on-site, rather than building a pool of local technical talent.  The two founders realized that by establishing in Mexico a company with strong R&D capabilities, SimiTel would have a major competitive advantage.  After tenures at Vocalis Ltd., and the Communications and High-Tech division of Accenture in London, Serge came across a Red Herring article describing co-founder Marcus Dantus’ venture, Mexico.com.  Serge’s technology experience, combined with Marcus’ extensive sales, finance, and CEO-level management experience was the perfect match.

The two connected via e-mail, and Serge flew to Mexico to meet Marcus in a deserted restaurant.  The two “clicked” and saw the opportunity to start up a new company.




Simitel has an expert team of and designers and developers lead by a group of high tech entrepreneurs with deep technology experience:

Marcus Dantus, CEO. 

Marcus has worked in telecom ventures in Mexico and Latin America for the past 10 years. His experience includes building the first regional Internet community in Mexico (Mexico.com) and being a pioneer in E-commerce in Latin America by building a network of distributors for Net2phone's voice over IP services. Marcus has ample knowledge of the Hispanic and Latin telecomm and Internet markets and has had direct contact with numerous players in the region. He has also advised several companies on their strategic and operational deployment. He has been recognized by the Mexican academy and industry as an accomplished entrepreneur, and has been invited in several occasions as a speaker at telecom events and classrooms. He was selected in March 2003 as an Endeavor entrepreneur out of over 700 candidates.

Mr. Dantus holds a BA in communications from the University of Pennsylvania, (1989) and a BA in Business Technology (honors) from the ITESM. 


Serge Kruppa, CTO

Serge has over 11 years experience in the development and delivery of advanced speech processing solutions for carriers and call centers. He has worked as a manager for the Communications and High Tech practice of Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) in London.
Previously Serge was Product Manager for Vocalis, a leading speech recognition company based in Cambridge (UK). With Vocalis Mr. Kruppa successfully led projects for prominent Latin American carriers such as Telmex in Mexico and Embratel in Brazil.
Mr. Kruppa holds a BS in Computer Science (honors) from the Federal Institute of Technology, Geneva Switzerland.

Francisco Pineda, COO

Francisco has been developing technology projects for over 20 years, his accolades includes the market conditions that demanded the direct presence of an Intel office in Mexico
Mr Pineda has an outstanding managing experience in technology and consulting enterprises such as Dell, Storage Tek, BMC Software, Real Networks and Visionaria, among others. As an expert on business process management he has worked with customer and partners, helping them to engage their business processes, for better sales and financial performance.
Francisco holds an MBA in High Tech Projects certified by the UCLA.

Eric Werkhoven, Head of Development/ Chief Architect

Eric started his professional career as a scientific linguist for 3 years in Maxplanck Institute of Psycholinguistics and the University of Texas. Then he worked as a free-lancer consultant and head of development for banks and large corporations in both Mexico and Europe from 1997 until 2000. He has ample knowledge of both Java programming and VoiceXML as well as VoIP, SQL, XSL and many other programming languages, databases and architectures. Eric has been a programming professor in Universities in Mexico. In 2000 Eric founded Plaza Movil where he served as the CTO until he joined Simitel in 2002.
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