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Climate and weather in Slovakia

Climate in Slovakia is continental with mild summer and winter temperatures, snow and rain, sun and wind.

Although Slovakia is not a large country, the weather can be quite different in the montainous North and in the plain South. Generally, the climate is relatively continental with almost no extremes below minimal -20°C (-4°F) or above maximal +37°C (+99°F).

The following table indicates the values in degrees Fahrenheit for different values in degrees Celsius. Generally, the following formula applies for the conversion : temp_in_F = temp_in_C x 9 / 5 + 32 and temp_in_C = (temp_in_F - 32) x 5 / 9. It is useful also for our weather information on the news page:


Bratislava and Southern Slovakia is the warmest region. In summer, the temperatures may rise up to +30°C in summer, on some sunny and hot days even up to 35-37°C. There may be warm nights with temperatures above 20°C.

The winter in Bratislava is mild. Between November and February it may snow, but it usually does not last for more than a few days. The daily temperatures average in the range of -5°C up to +10°C.. In the night it may be freezing, but usually not below -10°C.

Winters are more severe in mountains, where the snow lasts the whole winter until March or even April and the night temperatures go down to -20°C or rarely even deeper.

Summer in Northern Slovakia is usually mild with temperatures around +25°C. In mountains even less.

Spring and Autumn are something in between. It may rain at any time of the year and at any place.

Although it may be quite windy, there are no tornadoes or hurricanes. Sometimes the trees may fall on some roads in mountains, but these are quickly displaced.

The rain usually does not result in landslides or large floods. Although the level of rivers is sometimes higher than normally, it endangers the populated areas only rarely and the eventually flooded roads are marked.

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