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Today is Oct. 26, 2007 09:29 AM (GMT +0400) Moscow
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Oct. 24, 2007
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Russias Air Force to Replace Combat Helicopters by 2015
Russias Air Force will be completely rearmed by Mi-28 helicopters by 2015, RIA Novosti reported.
It is Rostov Helicopter Works that serially manufactures Mi-28 helicopters. Overall, the Army Air Force will get roughly 300 helicopters of this type, including 50 till 2010. Nowadays, Mi-24 is the basic helicopter for Russias Air Force.

Mi-28 is a special heavy helicopter of fire support. Its maximum takeoff weight is 11.5 tons and the maximum velocity is 300 km/hour. The helicopter is armed with the 30mm automatic gun, 2A42, and is capable of carrying up to 1,605 kilograms of combat load.
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