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Edited and published by Russ Kick
winner of the Project on Government Oversight's "Beyond the Headlines" Award 2005
editor of Everything You Know About God Is Wrong [here]

updated 23 Oct 2006

National Reconnaissance Office: Reports
exclusive: Newly released histories of America's earliest spy satellites

Justice Dept: 2006 Forfeiture and Money-Laundering Manuals
exclusive: Updated versions of the manuals that Justice ordered libraries to destroy in 2004

The Memory Hole Needs Your Help
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NSA Bibliographies
exclusive: Previously unreleased bibliographies and indexes of National Security Agency publications, including Cryptologic Quarterly and NSA Technical Journal

National Personnel Records Center: Request Processing Procedural Documents & Guide
How the US military-records center processes requests

List of CIA Inspector General Investigations
exclusive: Allegations concerning lying to Congress, trafficking drugs, dumping hazardous material into the Potomac, concealing terrorism-related information, unauthorized interrogation techniques, child porn, fraud, etc.

FBI File: Edward Said
exclusive: File on professor, critic, and pro-Palestinian activist who pioneered post-colonial theory

FBI File: Bobby Frank Cherry
exclusive: File on Klansman convicted of 1963 church bombing

Investigation of the National Archives & Records Administration
exclusive: By the Department of Health & Human Services Inspector General, 1993

updated: Titles of Master's Theses From the Joint Military Intelligence College, 1973-2002
exclusive: Previously unreleased list of three decades' worth of theses from the military's spook school. Any of these reports can be requested under FOIA

updated: "Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy," aka The Kerry Report Transcripts
exclusive: Part 3 of the rare landmark Senate hearings on the narco-corruption of officials and intelligence agencies in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Pfizer's Chemical/Biological Weapons Report
exclusive: The pharmaceutical giant reports on its efforts to create chemical and biological incapacitating agents, including those that cause amnesia, for the US Army in 1964

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