Tangent Easy Power Supply

power supply, finished, uncased

Features of the TEPS design:

  • Works with any of the LM317 family regulators including the LDO variants. (LM1086, LT1085...)

  • Dual-layer professional circuit boards with 2-ounce copper available. These have a larger ground plane than on the single-layer artwork you can dowload below.

  • Accommodates Amveco 5VA through 25VA board-mount toroidal transformers.

  • Adjustable output voltage.

  • Large heat sink for high output currents.

  • Optional on-board line filter.

  • Easily configured for operation on any world power system.

  • Discrete TO-220 and DO-201 rectifiers allow use of high-end diodes.

  • STEPS board fits the popular Hammond 1455N12 case exactly (dimensions: 3.925" × 4.725"; approx. 100mm × 120mm)

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