The World Ends Tomorrow

For a whole lot of people at least.


Are you prepared for the RAPTURE?

The fires of Hell await the followers of Jesus! Don't let the shepherd lead you to the slaughter!

"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned -- 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

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The God of the Bible

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Jesus was an alien/human hybrid!

UFOs and Religion

UFOs in the Bible
Are UFOs a recent phenomena or have they been with us since ancient times? Here are some of the many documented extraterrestrial encounters contained in the "Word of God."

The Immaculate Deception
Learn the TRUTH about the connection between UFOs, Aliens, Angels, Demons and Religion. Wake up and smell the burning coffee, the end is just around the corner.
Not for the faint of heart.

Don't Trust This Face!
Extraterrestrial aliens are popping up everywhere! Learn the hidden mysteries they don't talk about in Church or on TV.

Independence Day or "The Rapture?"
The secrets behind the coming "rapture" and why God has declared war on humanity.

The Tower of Babel
The covert battle between mankind and the extraterrestrial watchers we have come to call "GOD" and how humanity is kept from becoming a threat to these "gods."

Jesus of Borg
The New Jerusalem: The kingdom of heaven EXPOSED! Is this what you would call "heaven?"

JHVH Sucks!

The God of the Bible

Bible Stories You Won't Hear in Sunday School
Here's a collection of actual stories from the "Holy" Bible that your local church would rather you not know the truth about.

Sex in God's Word
Some of the numerous sexually explicit stories and references which God deemed important to include in his Word to his earthly children.

The Bloody Bible
Examples of God's true nature straight from the good book.


Move over Jack Chick! These are the same tracts that have been smuggled into Christian Bookstores, Hymn Books, and Library Bibles across America! Not your usual mindless dribble about the lovey dovey God and his brainless propoganda, these tracts are guaranteed to trigger deep-seated emotional responses by the faithful and chuckles of amusement from mutants and infidels.

Jesus is no exampleWhat Jesus Would Do "What Would Jesus Do?" Now you can finally answer for yourself. Learn to apply the teachings and example of Jesus to everyday situations!

God is a monsterA Really Scary Story A Halloween party becomes the scene for a child's nightmare. Great for stuffing little trick or treater's bags on All Hallow's Eve!

Jesus was a SinnerThe Only Sinless Man? Did Jesus really live a sinless life? Some of the many examples of Jesus' hypocritical behavior are exposed in this popular tract.

The Bible is immoralBiblical Family Values What kind of family values does the Bible REALLY teach? Take a look for yourself!

Jesus smells fishySomething Fishy What's the real story behind the fish emblem Christians put on the back of their cars? Not for the kiddies, this tract tells the HOLE story.

God is injustPlaying Favorites Does God love all his children equally? This tract exposes the blatant favoritism which is the very foundation of Christianity.

Merry Xmas!The Greatest Myth Ever Told Many of the pagan origins and occult connections of the Christmas Nativity are revealed in this seasonal tract. Great for family Christmas gatherings!

Hell is for the innocentSomebody Loves You? A parody of the classic Jack Chick tract. Tells the straight story about God's love.

Jesus ENsLaves

Objectivism and Freethought

A Brief Overview of Objectivism and Freethought
Is there morality without God? Learn how to choose the right without having to follow a divine book of rules.

Lucifer Loves You! (but only if you deserve that love)News From the Front

Frequently Asked Questions of the Luciferian Liberation Front
Learn everything you always wanted to know about the Front and a few things you didn't want to know as well.

The latest activities, devivals, Bible burnings, and EndTimes updates from the frontlines of the battle for the minds of humanity.

Enlist In The Army of FreeThought!
You too can stand with the last bastion of humanity and defy the very forces of the Collective by becoming a Lastdays Warrior in the elite group of individualists known as the Luciferian Liberation Front.

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