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Opera 9.5 beta released

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Opera 9.5 beta is available for download! Since the first alpha release hundreds of bugs have been fixed. Website rendering has been significantly improved, along with performance, stability and usability.

Opera Link
With Opera Link, it's possible to get access to your bookmarks and Speed Dials everywhere. Get Opera Mini 4 beta and login to Opera Link to get your desktop bookmarks, or login to link.opera.com to access your bookmarks with any other browser.

The Desktop Team would like to thank everyone in the community for testing the weeklies, reporting bugs, and giving feedback on this blog and the forums! :up:
Enjoy the Rock Opera launch party :drunk: , and don't forget to join the online celibrations if you can't be there.

Changelogs: Windows, Mac, Unix

Download Opera 9.5 beta

A Snapshot a Day Keeps the Bugs Away



I love this release!!!

By Hades32, # 25. October 2007, 09:19:13

Great, thank you Opera

By ytsmabeer, # 25. October 2007, 09:19:16


Please also include skins & personal preferences (keyboard shortcuts, ...) to Opera Link, that would be great...

Have a nice party,


By skyluke, # 25. October 2007, 09:22:01

Thanks !!!

By Ravindran, # 25. October 2007, 09:28:20

I wanted to upgrade but the tray icon bothers me. Does anyone know how to get rid of it?

By bexs, # 25. October 2007, 09:29:13


We have been waiting. :happy:

By mrkukov, # 25. October 2007, 09:31:28


By neoscorp, # 25. October 2007, 09:32:41

Uses the 9.5 beta the 9.24 preferences or the alpha preferences?

By Dasch, # 25. October 2007, 09:37:42

what is the build no. any1 who has installed can plz tell.

installed it. it is 9613.

By impotent, # 25. October 2007, 09:41:01

Ohhh the link.opera.com thing. Great idea.

By mrd, # 25. October 2007, 09:41:01

Dasch: it uses the alpha preferences by default.

By huibk, # 25. October 2007, 09:42:26

"what is the build no. any1 who has installed can plz tell."

Build 9613

By vinczej, # 25. October 2007, 09:42:59


By CombatWombat, # 25. October 2007, 09:44:32


I have this version since yesterday P:

By Serpher, # 25. October 2007, 09:45:39

Cool thing!

Looking forward for the final release!!

By pmstr, # 25. October 2007, 09:46:43

live.com does not work ( http://www.live.com/?addTemplate= )

[JavaScript - http://31.data.www.live.com/DataLoader2/DataLoader.html?v=1.900.9.015&compat=1&domain=live.com

Inline script thread


name: ReferenceError

message: Security error: attempted to read protected variable


I was really looking to use opera with "improved compatibility" but it seems, that it isn't possible.

"Search" button on google' results page is badly missaligned. I find it strange that most visited page on earth wasnt double and tripple checked.

Also I find it disturbing, that no mayor people pleas were fullfiled: spellchecker, autoupdate, autofill. Syncing is a nice idea, but if feels like many other Opera' stuff: unfinished. And my experience with opera says that it will be in this stage for years. Ie. like cookie editor, that misses only "multi select" to be fully operational, but it misses it for years.

OTH, it feels faster than recent 9.24 version, but it isn't enough to make me drop FF. FF is so much less problem prone. It might be webdesinger' fault, but I don't really care.

By opera95beta, # 25. October 2007, 09:47:51

Yeah :D

By PientaL, # 25. October 2007, 09:49:55

Is there a x86_64 version for Linux? Or am I just too blind to see it? ;-)

By hacklb, # 25. October 2007, 09:52:16

same question here.. what about the debian 64bit version?

By wahrscheinlichkeitsbewertung, # 25. October 2007, 09:53:20

No list of changes since the last alpha? :-/

By Fuzzy76, # 25. October 2007, 09:55:17

x86_64 version for Linux?

I looked at the ftp server and found


By ytsmabeer, # 25. October 2007, 09:59:56


By Frank@endoria.net, # 25. October 2007, 10:00:45


Originally posted by bexs:

I wanted to upgrade but the tray icon bothers me. Does anyone know how to get rid of it?
Heeeeeelp please!

BTW: Why was the no-click-to-activate script disabled? The EOLAS patent doesn't include scripting P:

By bexs, # 25. October 2007, 10:01:46

Rightclicking on it and selecting 'Exit' from the menu?

Historysearch still is very slow :frown: But hey, it's only beta p:

By Frank@endoria.net, # 25. October 2007, 10:05:19

Can you write changelog between 6913 and 6903 builds?

By Kildor, # 25. October 2007, 10:05:50

Flash 9.0r64 still not working on unix build

By Wade, # 25. October 2007, 10:06:07

Historysearch is absolutely instantaneous for me; are you using an ancient PC at all, Frank@endoria.net? Not being facetious; just wondering if its a feature that needs more grunt than just rendering...

By mrd, # 25. October 2007, 10:08:46

Wow. The JavaScript/DOM changes are great :hat: :happy:

btw, what's opera:config#Developer Tools ?

By AyushJ, # 25. October 2007, 10:09:10

bexs look at the forums

By Galileo, # 25. October 2007, 10:12:47

Flash Player 9.0.48 is working here on Linux x86_64 Ubuntu 7.10 & Gentoo

By hacklb, # 25. October 2007, 10:18:40

opera forgets the last downloaded file.

In the tranfers tab, I just downloaded Opera9.5b & installed it. On continuing from the last time, tranfers tab is blank. ie no signs of downloaded opera 9.5b

By impotent, # 25. October 2007, 10:19:05

link.opera.com looks pretty good.

Wow, seems like i'm going to love that build.

By Hypezor, # 25. October 2007, 10:19:12


Your link is crippled: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/search.dml?term=tray+icon+&id=&x=15&y=18

I didn't find a solution, do you wanna say that it's not a bug, but a feature?

By bexs, # 25. October 2007, 10:20:09

Thank you!

By kriko, # 25. October 2007, 10:20:27

[aptitude show flashplayer-mozilla


Zustand: Installiert




Beschreibung: Macromedia Flash Player

The Flash Player lets you experience animation and entertainment in your Mozilla web browser.


works fine here with nsplugninwrapper on debian etch amd64 release.

By wahrscheinlichkeitsbewertung, # 25. October 2007, 10:20:34

When will Opera be able to render it's own group site: http://groups.google.com/group/opera.linux/browse_frm/thread/b7b76ee77f8bef0e/b5%20%207635a6bc1c7c35

In contrast to v9.23 the date of the content frame is no longer overlapping the border but now the height of the content is wrong and Opera still doesn't recognize that it's a frame (by rightclicking it). Why do you always take a step forward and two backwards?

By bexs, # 25. October 2007, 10:24:44


nice work.

Crash opera: import personal certficate (p12 format) after asking for certificate key password or simply cancel operation (Storno).

XMLHttpRequest object doesn't return proper http codes (i defined code 444 and opera returns 0, 400 works ok, 500 doesn't works too)

By lampacz, # 25. October 2007, 10:27:29

crash when open irc channel list (build 9613)

By alexs, # 25. October 2007, 10:27:42

Can anyone confirm this?

In Windows XP (will try Linux, too, when I get home) Opera refuses to open local files named "index.html" by double-clicking. Focus goes to Opera, but the file does not open (not even a blank tab). If I rename the file it opens without any problems.

I just tried what will happen with "index.htm". The file opens normaly in a new tab if Opera is in the background BUT if Opera is closed, it opens the file TWICE.

I will doble check that later when I get home as ,of course, I could have screwed sth in windows my self. A PEBKAC is never out of question... :smile:

UPDATE: it works from the command line but it does not work from the adress bar. If the file "index.html" exists in the path I write in the adress bar, it practically does not let me press enter (???)

By Alpha-Toxic, # 25. October 2007, 10:33:01

I like it but...Gmail chat doesn't work even with "mask as Firefox/IE".....

By teocombi, # 25. October 2007, 10:33:19

Nice release, this might tempt me back from Safari on the Mac. Much faster to start up than the current stable release, aaaaaand...

The bug where Opera switches from my custom keyboard layout back to the default 'British' layout every time I do anything seems to have been partially fixed. This might actually make Opera usable for me again.

By クリス, # 25. October 2007, 10:34:30

thanks for the first beta.

Originally posted by By alexs:

crash when open irc channel list (build 9613)


By lamarca, # 25. October 2007, 10:36:50

Thx guys! :wink:

By Zalex108, # 25. October 2007, 10:36:58


Originally posted by Alpha-Toxic:

In Windows XP (will try Linux, too, when I get home) Opera refuses to open local files named "index.html"

Yep, it's known problem.

By d.i.z., # 25. October 2007, 10:40:03

@ d.i.z.: Thanks

btw, It crossed my mind that someone else has seen this already, but I could not find a way to check if this has already been reported as a bug... In other words "where is the bug base and is it open to the public for viewing/searching?"

By Alpha-Toxic, # 25. October 2007, 10:53:39

Coooongratulation !!!

Good Job !!

By SoulOfDoinel, # 25. October 2007, 10:56:55


see how everything is bigger in opera 9.5 (don't mind the bug on the right, it's was from the first alpha of opera 9.5)

the fonts are configured exactly like opera 9.24 (normal times new roman/ 16

gmail is also all bugged

seeing that almost all google websites are the ones with problems, I start asking myself, is it really opera's fault, or people in google do not have a clue how to develop proper html / css...

By nighty42, # 25. October 2007, 10:58:59


By Metoz, # 25. October 2007, 10:59:53

Btw, where is qt4 build?

By kriko, # 25. October 2007, 10:59:54

I hope those little things that worked fine in previous alphas are being fixed before the final release.

a) http://www.de.nec.de/softwareoverview2.php/id/1325

Line spacing was fixed in early alphas, but broken again since build 9600.

b) http://www.marca.com/

Example: http://files.myopera.com/RSD/albums/307719/10euros.png

broken since build 9594.

c) https://servicios.ono.es/programacionTV/default.asp?p=01&o=03&s=09&a=2&zn=38

Depending on which option you choose in the middle dropdown list, the round selector separates from the word 'Digital'. Broken since build 9594.

By RSD, # 25. October 2007, 11:01:24

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