What is OpenDocument?

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The OpenDocument Validator lets you check ODF files against the OpenDocument specification.
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The OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF) is...

  • An XML-based file format for office documents (text documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations and more), developed at OASIS, an independent, international standards group.
  • An open format. Any software maker can learn its details and make an application that can read and write this format.
  • An ISO standard, ISO/IEC 26300:2006. It is not controlled by one company, but by a not-for-profit standards group without a vested interest.
  • A open standard that is being adopted by governments worldwide as a required file format for publishing and accepting documents.
  • The default file format for OpenOffice.org 2.0, KOffice 1.5, StarOffice 8, IBM Workplace and other applications.

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What is the OpenDocument Fellowship?

OpenDocument Fellowship is a volunteer organisation with members around the world. Our goal is to promote the adoption, use and development of the OpenDocument format.

We need your help! You can contribute in many ways. You do not need to be a member to contribute as a developer or in other ways. You do not even need to be very technical.

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Request Apple support for Open Document Format

Apple released their latest iWork suite - Pages (word processor), Keynote (presentation) and Numbers (spreadsheet) on 7 August. All support OOXML and not ODF.
This petition asks Apple to support ODF as well.

Adopt OpenDocument Format in UK National Archives

British citizens or residents only.