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Winter 2008 Honors Courses

 Check course openings (Winter 2008 Schedule)
Please note that enrollment in the following courses will be by lottery:
POSC 020 026, HIST020H, HNPG42M, HNPG43I, HNPG31E

Honors Freshman Workshop


Course Title Call# Instructor Type Days Time Location Breadth
HNPG 010 Honors First-Year Colloquium 19003 Wettstein COL W 4:10-5:00pm BRNHL B118 Honors 1st Year
Honors Seminars
Course Title Call# Instructor Type Days Time Location Breadth
CRWT097H Freshman Honors Project 12464 Jayme SEM TR 11:10AM-12:30PM HMNSS 1406 Humanities
HNPG031E Art History: Artists in Traditional China
15035 Hsü SEM W 1:10-4:00PM ARTS 333 Fine Art
HNPG042M Psyc: Non-Verbal Communication and Personal Charisma
10001 Friedman SEM M 1:10-4:00PM OLMH 2312  
HNPG043I BSAD: Decision Making
(No 1st Year Students)

19005 Rodgers SEM M 10:10AM-1:00PM OLMH 2312  
HNPG 042K Doctor-Patient Relationship
(No 1st Year Students)
15038 DiMatteo SEM R 12:40-3:30PM OLMH 2312 Social Science
HNPG 097 Honors Lower-Division Research
Required Paperwork - must submit by Jan. 15 to enroll.


Varies N/A TBA TBA TBA Research
Honors Sections
Course Title Call# Instructor Type Days Time Location Breadth
BPSC011 001 Plants and Human Affairs
18125 Close LEC TR 9:40-11:00AM HOUSE HSE 3  
DIS R 11:10AM-12:00PM HOUSE HSE 3
CHEM01HB Honors General Chemistry
(must choose 1of 3 labs and discussions listed below)
11752 Wang LEC TR 11:10-12:30PM ENGR2 138 Chemistry
CHEM1HLB001 Honors General Chemistry Lab 18814 Cheng LAB T 2:10-5:00PM PRCE 1333 Chemistry
CHEM1HLB002 Honors General Chemistry Lab 18815 Cheng LAB W 1:10-400PM PRCE 1333 Chemistry
CHEM1HLB003 Honors General Chemistry Lab 18816 Cheng LAB R 6:10-9:00PM PRCE 1333 Chemistry
CHEM01HB021 Honors General Chemistry Discussion 17995 Wang DIS T 5:10-6:00PM PRCE3374 Chemistry
CHEM01HB022 Honors General Chemistry Discussion 17996 Wang DIS W 10:10-11:00AM PRCE2418 Chemistry
CHEM01HB023 Honors General Chemistry Discussion 17997 Wang DIS R 9:10-10:00AM WAT2240 Chemistry
CHEM097H Freshman Honors Project
(See academic advisor in Chemistry for enrollment)
11811 TBA LEC TBA TBA TBA Physical Science
CHEM123H Honors Discussion for Organic Chemistry
(CHEM122H prerequisite or approval from instructor)
11882 Morton DIS M 1:10-2:00PM OLMH 2312 Chemistry
CHEM123H Honors Discussion for Organic Chemistry
(CHEM122H prerequisite or approval from instructor)
11883 Morton DIS T 12:10-1:00PM OLMH 2312 Chemistry
ENSC002H Honors Intro to Environmental Science:
Environmental Quality
13874 Crowley LEC MWF 9:10-10:00AM WAT 1000 Environmental
DIS W 1:10-2:00PM WAT 2141
ETST001H Introduction to Race and Ethnicity 18235 Lowy LEC        
DIS W 10:10-11:00AM HMNS1406
HIST020H World History: 20th Century
18235 Tomoff LEC TR 8:10-9:30AM UNLH 1000 World History
DIS W 10:10-11:00AM HMNSS 1406
MATH09HC First Year Honors Calculus 18819 Staff LEC MWF 9:10-10:00AM SPR 2360 Calculus
DIS T 9:40-10:30AM SPR 2356
PHIL001H001 Honors Intro to Philosophy 16100 Keller LEC TR 2:10-3:30PM BRNHL B118 Philosophy
POSC020 026 Honors World Politics
***Must enroll in disc. section 26 for "H" credit***
16757 Cherif LEC MWF 10:10-11:00AM LFSC1500 Political Science
16763 DIS W 9:10-11:00AM INTS 1132
POSC148 Politics of Congressional Elections 18823 Bishin LEC TR 12:10-1:30PM UV THE8  
WMST020H024  Women, Fem, & Soc in Globl Prspctv 18925 Chatterjee LEC TR 8:10-9:30AM BRNHL A125  
18961 DIS M 4:10-5:00PM OLMH 2312