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haptic tattoo for blind people

a project by klara jirkova


body modification which purpose is not just to decorate the skin but to be touched and read. opportunity for blind people to have a meaningful body alteration, but also something what could be used by those who live or work with blind people as a new attempt to their way of perceiving



implants creating embossed text in braille placed under skin, can be read by touch - stroke by blind people. it could be either a small slide with embossed text in braille or bead-style implants (in this case the size of the beads must be a bit bigger than the standardized size of braille text. too small beads will sink in the muscles and they will not be embossed). alternative - transdermal implants, placed partially below and partially above the skin

the implants are made of surgical grade stainless steel /316L/, titanium or special plastic materials. they can not really move around inside the body. the skin holds it in place rather firmly


get information while shaking hands

the implant could be placed on the hand - between thumb and forefinger, so that it could be read when shaking (or holding) hands



second project by klara jirkova


contact lenses with expressions, that affects the subconsciousness of the person who looks in our eyes. also allow us to express our attitude without talking or confuse the people..

rec contacts

as a metaphore for the omnipresent surveillance technologies, the industrial ones but also people with video recorders in their mobile phones or cameras. creating the feeling of ´you are being watched and recorded - i see you´