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Head Hunters Operations :: View topic - <HH> Servers Rules and Guidelines
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<HH> Servers Rules and Guidelines

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:52 am    Post subject: <HH> Servers Rules and Guidelines Reply with quote

<HH> Server Rules of Conduct

Please read the following before playing on any <HH> server

<HH> would like to welcome you to our servers, please do everything you can to make our servers enjoyable for all players. Please abide by the following guidelines and rules while playing on all <HH> servers. These rules are in place to keep the game fair and enjoyable for all players.

General Guidelines

1. If you have any problems with an <HH> member, please PM a member of the command staff (Bullet Catcher, Dexter, JaxXxon, Stumpy, Wizard, Hoboninja, HoboninjasWife), DO NOT use the forums.
2. If a shuffle happens, accept the results. Don't switch teams just because you can't/don't like to play Axis/Allies.
3. Don't pester the admins to unlock the teams so you can "play with your friends"
4. Don't ask admins to kick people so your friends can connect to the server.
5. If you are going to be AFK (Away From Keyboard), please switch to Spectator mode. This will help keep the teams even. If the server is full, any AFK players, spectators or otherwise will be kicked to allow others to join.
6. Only push teammates if they are blocking doors, etc. Don't push them off walls, cliffs or other places that will damage and disadvantage them. Don't push them out of the prime sniping/panzering/artying spot just because you want it.
7. If you play Medic, don't forget to revive/heal people as that is the main function of this class.
8. When playing Field Ops, don't forget to give out ammo as well as call in artillery. You'll find your teammates most appreciative, especially medics and soldiers.

Hacks, Cheats, Bugs or Map Exploits

1. The use of any hack, cheat, bug or map exploit is absolutely forbidden. Any player caught using one will be permanently banned from the server. This includes the Shrub bug of a Cov Op in disguise shrubbing an engineers uniform to be a one man sneak attack, doing a /playdead on a vehicle or using /playdead to get through doors.
2. If you suspect someone of using a hack, cheat, bug or exploit, please notify <HH> by email at support@hh-ops.com.
3. If you can get a video capture of the player in action (F12) please send it to <HH> by email at support@hh-ops.com for review.
4. Some maps have texturing problems, such as Oasis. Exploiting these are grounds for immediate banishment.

Clan Recruiting

1. The <HH> Server is not a server where other clans are allowed to recruit. The only recruiting allowed on the <HH> server is for the <HH> clan.
2. Server logs are regularly checked; any clan caught recruiting may be banned from the server.

Language Restriction

1. The <HH> server has in place a language guard that will kill you in the game for using foul language. Do not type in words that other players may find offensive, if you have a question as to whether a word is considered offensive or not – it probably is. ET has players from all over the world and of all ages, if it makes you feel better to type in foul words to an 11 year old then go play on another server.
2. Yes, spawnkill, spawncamp and newb are all words on the restricted list.
3. Any attempt to circumvent the language filters by replacing letters with characters, or putting in additional spaces, such as "sp@wnkill" or "spaw nkill" will be considered the same as swearing, and will be treated as such by any <HH> member.

Spawn Camping/Killing

1. Entering an enemy spawn location to kill players when they spawn is not allowed.
2. Attacking players inside their spawn point without entering the spawn is not allowed. (Panzers, flamers, etc through window or doors)
3. Any player hiding in the spawn, IS NOT SAFE. Therefore, don't step out of spawn, panzer/call artillery, and jump back in spawn. If you do, you are fair game. Any opposing team player is welcome to enter the spawn to kill this player, however this does NOT give license for Field Ops to arty a spawn area. If you are attacking such a player, you CANNOT do it with mortar, panzer, arty or airstrike. The exception to this rule is number 5 below.
4. All quality maps have more then one exit from a spawn point; attacking players at the exits of the spawn points are allowed. If a map designer decides to allow land mine plants out side spawn locations have at it. Air Strikes and Artillery out side a spawn location are also considered part of the map design.
5. The exception to spawn killing is when the spawn is also the objective, such as the flag in Oasis.
6. EXAMPLE: Oasis, Axis secondary spawn courtyard. DO NOT arty/airstrike/mortar this under any circumstance. If Axis players are attacking from there, go in and fight them
7. EXAMPLE: V2 Base tower. This is a contestable flag, therefore arty on this spawn area is allowed, as teams will defend this position.
8. Spawn Camping/Killing will always be a contentious issue, no matter how enforced. As you are playing on <HH> servers, <HH> has the final say in any argument, no exceptions. We do our best to consistently enforce these rules, however we can't be everywhere all the time, but we'll do our best.

Team Kills/Team Bleeders

1. TKs or Team Kills happen, they are part of ET, pass along a sorry and continue having fun.
2. The <HH> server has in place a bleeder guard, if you deliver 20% team damage after firing 30 shots the server will kick you automatically.
3. Intentional Team Kills are not allowed. Do not logon to this server just to TK. You will be kicked or banned from the server.
4. Medic TK/Revive is a strategic advantage for your team, if used correctly. TK/Revive is allowed on the <HH> server.
5. Don't TK/revive when a covop who has a uniform, as he will lose it.
6. Don't TK/revive a teammate when they have 50 HP or more, use med packs instead.
7. Ideally, you should never TK/revive unless you have a green needle.
8. Landmine TKs are not the engineer’s fault, you should know not to step by one of those little flags.
9. Team bleeding is not allowed. This is when a medic will shoot a teammate, just so they can get XP by healing them up.

XP Stealing/Whoring

1. There are times in the game where stealing points from another player is possible. Point stealing is frowned upon on this server. Do not disarm a teammates landmine/dynamite just to plant your own.
2. If a Cov Op kills an enemy, it is his uniform, don't push him out of the way to steal it.
3. Doing a /kill in the middle of a firefight is grounds for immediate kicking, if not banishment.
4. If an engineer is building an objective, don't wait till the last second, then try to steal XP by getting the final build. For critical build points where you are under pressue, all engineers are encouraged to help build, however only one will get the XP, this is the way the game was built, and there is nothing we can do about it.
5. If you are a cov op, don't satchel an objective if an engineer already has dynamite planted, unless it is a time critical objective like the fences on Fuel Dump.


1. There is no whining on our servers, if a SA feels you are breaking this rule you may be kicked or worse, disoriented for the rest of the map. <HH> takes the no whining rule very seriously, we are here to have fun!


Every time you call tech support, a kitten dies.
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