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The most costly Pan Am Games ever

Jesús de la Rosa said yesterday in Santo Domingo that the Santo Domingo Pan Am Games have broken all cost records. “These will be the most costly games in the history of the Games and held in the poorest nation to have undertaken them,” said De la Rosa, the former sports minister during the PRD government of Antonio Guzman, 1978-80. Ernesto Cuevas, the director of the National Budget office says the Games will cost RD$4.8 billion, while others estimate their price tag more likely to be nearer to RD$9 billion. 
“To host these Games will only benefit the contractors of the installations and a handful of brokers,” said De la Rosa on the “Gobierno de la Mañana” talk show. 
During the telecast, he also mentioned that the payroll of the Organizing Committee drains the country by RD$2 million a month. 
De la Rosa forecast a progressive deterioration of the majestic venues due to insufficient funding for their upkeep. 
Another former Minister of Sports, Luis Scheker, yesterday launched his book titled, “The Pan Am Games in Red” at Cuesta bookstore. Scheker was minister of sports during the Salvador Jorge Blanco PRD government of 1982-86.


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