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Edinburgh Evening News Thu 5 Jul 2007
WASH OUT: John Ewart took this image of the...

WASH OUT: John Ewart took this image of the waterlogged street following a downpour on Sunday

Heavy rain leaving us marooned


RESIDENTS have called for action after being regularly marooned by flooding during the recent torrential rainstorms.

People living in Broomfield Crescent say poor drainage means just half an hour of heavy rain can turn their road into a large pond.

The Carrick Knowe street has been under water several times in recent weeks, cutting residents off from their houses. One pensioner even had to create a barricade of plastic recycling boxes to stop her home from flooding.

The council is now promising to discuss with Scottish Water how it can boost drain capacity in flood-prone streets across the city.

The authority said that the main problems have been in low-lying areas with limited drainage capacity, including the New Town, Stockbridge, Cameron Toll, Liberton and Portobello.

Retired civil servant John Ewart, 67, who lives on Broomfield Crescent, caught this dramatic image of his flooded street on Sunday afternoon.

He said: "The drains just can't cope. It rained heavily for half an hour but I hate to think what would have happened if it had been an hour. We are all worried about our houses when it rains."

His neighbour Margaret Smith, who had to foot a £2000 bill in 2003 following flood damage, had to build the makeshift barricade.

The quick-thinking 75-year-old said: "I always have to be watching out for the rain because it regularly floods around here.

"Because I'm at the lowest end of the road my house gets the worst of it. It's a constant worry, especially if I'm out of the house.

"I've complained about it so many times, I've called the council emergency number, Clarence, Scottish Water, but nothing is getting fixed."

Similar flooding problems have been seen across the Lothians in recent days. Fire staff had to attend a house in Avon Road, Cramond, on Sunday after heavy rain started pouring through the roof.

Similar problems forced Portobello baths to be evacuated on Monday, and strong currents in the Water of Leith swept away 1600 plastic ducks during Sunday's annual charity duck race.

Council workers were called out to a number of floods in Midlothian on Tuesday, with worst hit areas including Old Craighall in Cousland, as well as several residential parts of Dalkeith and Mayfield.

A city council spokeswoman said it was developing a "long-term strategic plan" to address the most serious flooding problems.

She added: "We have recently let a multi-million-pound contract which will deal with all the flood-related issues associated with the Braid Burn within the city.

"We are seeking a joint-working strategy with Scottish Water, as the drainage authority, to identify areas where the flooding is due to a deficiency in capacity and to address these problems."

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1. Super Mario Tram / 11:20am 5 Jul 2007

Best solution is to become aquatic.

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2. Partridge / 11:26am 5 Jul 2007

Add some fish, come on man be constructive,, unfold those lazy arms.¬

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4. Paul Voltaire / 11:30am 5 Jul 2007

Wee drop of rain and off they go to The Evening News, moaning!

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5. Jakey Rowling / 11:37am 5 Jul 2007

The guy looks a bit reserved, may if he was a bit more flambuoyant he could see a way out.

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6. alex paterson, embra / 12:08pm 5 Jul 2007

The guy looks like he is standing in the water and very cold,Buy a wet suit and enjoy,Loads of fun.

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17. Jocki, Melbourne, Australia / 3:25pm 5 Jul 2007

It would be great if all you so called Funny Folks lived in places where it really floods, and not just the streets, Right over the top of your homes, like Newcastle in New South Wales and Eastern Victoria, it would take the smiles of Your faces.

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18. Sqidward / 4:26pm 5 Jul 2007

#17 Some folks obviously build in really stupid places, dont they.

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19. Grow Up EEN! / 5:33pm 5 Jul 2007

Jeezo - the EEN couldn't take a bit of friendly criticism about their photographs - somebody's touchy today!!

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20. Grow Up EEN! / 5:34pm 5 Jul 2007

I read the comments previously and none of them were offensive, broke the law or swore!!

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21. pop, west lothian / 6:12pm 5 Jul 2007

This is near to the saughton mains allotments where problems are being caused because of youths.......divert some of the water to create a dam then this will keep them out , solving two problems at once

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22. steve55, edinburgh / 6:39pm 5 Jul 2007

not only mocked up news but mocked up photos too.this papers getting worse

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23. Bauldie / 8:19pm 5 Jul 2007

I do sympathise with the residents of Broomfield Crescent, I only wish that this had occurred at the foot of Easter Road, there's quite a few characters down there that I would like to see marooned.

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24. Estella, Edin. / 9:23pm 5 Jul 2007

Oh Bauldie, you are cruel but funny. The poor folk of Easter Road will be green with jealousy of your quick wit and humour. Surely there would the 'Room enough' (say it quickly & with an Eastern European accent) at your place for them.

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25. Jayess, Edinburgh / 12:30am 6 Jul 2007

Water shame, its no wonder the chap looks a bit wet, that really must have put a dampner on his feelings. Dam bad luck, I say!

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26. wee willy, trading standards / 6:52am 6 Jul 2007

that is one big puddle behind him...ha ha...

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27. ImmutableName, of Toll-X / 8:31am 6 Jul 2007

Well, at least the superimposition isn't imposing anymore. But comments removed? That's a toys-and-prams response from the ENN.

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